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    Aura Jewels launched its debut store in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. This conveniently located store, spread over 2500+ square feet of creatively designed show space, is home to numerous exquisite works which are a true and synergic blend of tradition and contemporary best diamond jewellery and best gold jewellery shop in jewellery.

  • Gold Engagement Ring
  • Silver Payal Anklets For Baby Girl
  • Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Mangalsutra
  • Uncut Diamond Jewellery
  • SIlver Deepa Lamps

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A tribute to this never-ending affair is Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery and best gold jewellery shop in Bangalore. This best jewellery shop in Bangalore is currently offering many more value offerings and an ever-expanding unique collection focused on all segments, Aura Jewels are all set for giant strides in the ever-growing Jewel Market of India. Inspire the loyalty of Aura Jewels clients by, being the most trusted jeweler in our markets; being an authority in each area of our business; act responsibly and ethically.

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