About Us


Partners of AURA Jewels believed that with the combination of quality and craftsmanship, one could create the perfect piece of jewellery. So, when they started AURA in Bangalore in 2008, this was one of their core values. Now more than 8 years later, the AURA brand still holds on to that philosophy. Putting great emphasis on innovation and design excellence, Aura Jewels quickly became known as the contemporary jewellery famed for its high quality and beautiful diamond jewellery.

Our desire to share the joy and to be there for all of life’s special occasions is what sets us apart and makes us more than just your preferred jeweller. AURA JEWELS specializes in gifting, beautiful design Diamonds I Antic I Gold I Silver Articles & Jewellery . We design beautiful jewellery that takes your breath away. Having its double floor 2500 Sq. Ft Exclusive showroom in heart of the Bangalore city.

We want to be there and share in the joy in all of life’s significant moments whether it’s a birthday, Wedding, a romantic proposal, a first anniversary.