Wedding Ring Designs For 2020


Wedding Ring Designs For 2020

Seasons change, years change, and so do trends. With 2020 having arrived, the designs of 2019 won’t work anymore. And, when it is a special day like your wedding, you can’t afford to look outdated I any aspect, may it be your garments, your jewellery, your shoes, or your wedding ring.

Obviously, everyone has their own personal choice of wedding ring design, but as professional and renowned jewellery designers, we would want our clients to wear only what’s running up in trend; and this is why we bring to you a list of the latest trending wedding ring designs for this year.

Diamond stone ring or band – basic

This is the most basic ring style that has always been in trend, and continues to be. It is the simplest design for the most subtle bride who wants a ring that is beautiful, yet basic that can be worn everyday and can go well with each time of ring and attire. The stone ring could either be a single stone studded ring at the centre in a prong setting, or a band of tiny diamonds. Each of these styles can be worn every day, and would go well with any other ring style.

Twine/braided ring

This is another simple ring, but it is equally beautiful and attractive too. There are a variety of twist and braid designs that you could choose from for your ring. Whatever you choose, such a style will add some interest and visual appeal to the ring, while keeping it minimal. You may also have your favourite stone or diamond inserted on top of the twist/braid to make it a special wedding ring.

Chevron ring

This is one unique shape that is doing the rounds this year. The Chevron is a meaningful traditional design used in the West, which is now become popular in India too. You could use the Chevron shape for your wedding ring to make it a unique one, and have it studded with a line of the tiniest of diamonds to add intricacy.

Personalized name ring

If you want to go a step ahead and make your rings personal, you could opt for a simple band with your/your spouse’s name engraved in it. You could also choose to have your initials engraved, if you don’t want to go in for the complete name. Not many have considered opting for a personalized name ring as their wedding ring, but it is one of the sought after unique styles, and is trending this year. To make it even more unique, you could have your wedding date stamped too!

So now, make your choice, and select from these top trends this year. And, when you wish to have a stone on your ring, in any one of the styles above, we would like to also tell you the trends of stones for this year. People are shifting from the basic white diamond to other colourful stones and gems, and also their birthstones. Also, the most in-trend stone cuts include floral, emerald, oval, and halo. So, make your choice, and have your ring designed. Just walk into Aura Jewels, one of the most renowned gold jewellery shops in Bangalore, where you can have the best gold ring made for your special day, to last a lifetime!