Why You Should Wear A Silver Anklet


Why You Should Wear A Silver Anklet

Wearing a silver anklet, or more traditionally known as a “payal”, is a custom seen in India since ancient times. At that time, women belonging to the royal class wore it as a symbol of wealth and status. Girls were in fact made to wear a payal right from the time of her birth, and throughout her life. But today, the payal has become less common, especially in the urban areas of the country. Girls in the rural areas still wear payals throughout their lives. On the other hand, girls in the urban areas have replaced the traditional payals with contemporary style anklets that are worn more as a fashion element now, rather than an essential piece of jewellery. Or, they are seen to wear payals only on weddings and other traditional occasions, which they get rid of immediately after the event, considering the jewellery piece to be too traditional to match their everyday personality. But, what girls don’t realize is the benefit that they can get by wearing payals on a regular basis.

Payals bring a positive energy flow in the body

An Indian lady wears a lot of gold on a regular basis; some wearing it as everyday jewellery, while others wearing heavy gold ornaments on special occasions. All this gold, when touches the skin, produces a lot of electrical current in the body. Wearing a silver payal thus counters this current produced, and keeps positive energy flowing through the body. Silver anklets can also stop inflammation of the sole, thus helping you feel energetic and positive.

Payals help in overcoming gynaecological disorders

We see so many women today suffering from a variety of gynaecological problems like menstruation issues, hormonal imbalance, and infertility. It is believed that simply wearing a silver anklet in the legs can help alleviate all such problems to a significant amount, while also providing relief from pain and weakness!

Payals destroy negative energy from the house

As Indians, we believe that a daughter and daughter-in-law are both a form of Lakshmi, who bring positivity and prosperity for the entire family. When such a symbol of positivity and prosperity wears a silver anklet, its tinkling sound drives away all forms of negative energy flowing within the house. Hence, silver anklets bring a positive effect not only on the lady wearing it, but everybody surrounding her!

Payals make bones strong

This is one amazing fact that you may think to be unbelievable, but it’s actually true! The scientific reason behind this is that the silver anklets worn in the legs constantly cause friction around the bones of the feet, which thus makes the bones stronger.

Payals bring a complete look to a woman

Last but not the least, payals have a visual appeal. Indian girls are always known to be clad with beautiful jewellery. You may have adorned yourself with earrings, chains, rings, bangles, and bracelets, but your look becomes complete only when you adorn your legs too. Moreover, the alluring melodious sound that payals produce only adds to the charm of a lady.

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