Understanding Navratna Jewellery


Understanding Navratna Jewellery

Jewellery dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, around 5000 long years ago, boasting a rich inheritance of the traditional jewellery making art. India is known for adorning jewellery with precious stones and metals. One of the most popular and precious Indian jewellery is the Navratna, which is believed to possess celestial powers. This is why those who wear Navratna jewellery are said to be gifted with immense supernatural power and support. The term “Navratna” is a portmanteau of two Sanskrit terms – ‘Nav’ and ‘Ratna’, with ‘Nav’ meaning nine, and ‘Ratna’ meaning gems. Thus, Navratna means a combination of nine gems. Now, which are these specific nine gems? Let’s take a look.


The beautiful red Ruby is believed to enhance the qualities of leadership, focus, independence, and purity. It also helps keep negative feelings like egoism and self-centeredness at bay. Those with a weak Sun in their horoscope are advised to wear a Ruby to help them become stronger and leave an impact on others with their qualities of boldness and focus.


A diamond is believed to be a Venus stone, which depicts love, beauty, and feminine energy. Thus, wearing a diamond can bring grace, charm, and positive energy to the wearer. While diamonds are considered safe to be worn by everyone, those who have a conflicting Venus in their horoscopes are advised the most to wear this precious and graceful stone. Moreover, diamonds are available in a variety of cuts and colours, so you need to know which diamond suits your personality and horoscope the best, which will help you decide as to which diamond you should wear.


Pearls are a cooler gem, as compared to the other stones. They help enhance mental strength, emotional stability, self-contentment, and amiability. This gem is thus advised to be worn by individuals who face depression, mental issues, and sleeping problems. It also instills happiness in the life of the wearer by eliminating all kinds of fears from the mind, and keeping the mind calm.

Red coral

The Red Coral, although duller in comparison with the other gems, is a very significant one, boosting the energy of Mars in the horoscope. It helps the wearer overcome enemies and adversaries, while imparting courage by overcoming fear and nervousness.


When your horoscope is affected by the negative influence of external sources in our lives, which is a characteristic of Rahu, Hessonite may be what you need. This gemstone brings clarity in thinking and balances all forms of negative influences, bringing about a better behavioural pattern. One can be kept away from negative vibes and energies by wearing a Hessonite, which calms the mind and relieves it from any state of anxiety, depression, and mental worries.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is believed to ease out major problems in life. It protects against enemies, evil eye, jealousy, and the like. It also helps in improving digestion, focus, concentration, and vitality. Hence, those who have a weak Saturn, which leads to health and financial problems, are advised to wear the Blue Sapphire.

Cat’s Eye

Just like Rahu affects the mind, Ketu is what affects the physical health of an individual. For those who have a Ketu conflict in your horoscope, which causes symptoms of uncertainty, doubts, and lack of concentration, along with health issues, a Cat’s Eye could be the perfect solution. This gem can help alleviate all such problems.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is for the planet Jupiter, which symbolizes joy, wisdom, enthusiasm, and compassion. In fact, the Yellow Sapphire is considered as the most divine gemstone representing grace and power. It is a gemstone of knowledge, love, relationships, well-being, spiritual knowledge, and auspicious wealth. The Yellow Sapphire is one of the safest stones that can be worn for achieving happiness and prosperity in life.


Emerald is believed to enhance mental alertness, control, and communication skills. It is best for students who are weak and have problems studying, helping them to concentrate on studies. Also, it helps businessmen to stay at bay from losses in business or frauds. Other professional speakers, managers, and team leaders can also benefit from this stone as it will help them to express their views and thoughts in a better way so as to achieve success in life. The Emerald is also a perfect gemstone for those who work in the field of art such as fashion designing music, painting, and the like. One can get new ideas and innovations by wearing an Emerald stone. Last but not the least, the Emerald is also known to have healing powers, which means that it is beneficial for those suffering from allergies, skin related problems, respiratory disease, and nervous disorders.

As you can see, each of the nine gemstones has its own particular role to play and benefit to offer. Hence, you can individually wear one or a few of these gemstones, as suitable for your horoscope, or wear them all together in the form of Navratna jewellery. With each gem having such unique specialties based on Vedic astrology, Navratna jewellery is considered to be the most powerful amongst all other types of precious jewellery. So, we would advise you to think about adorning this unique, beneficial, powerful, and gorgeous-looking Navratna combination, if you want a happy and prosperous life ahead. You can have all kinds of Navratrna pendants, rings, bracelets, and much more designed as per your choice and design at Aura Jewels, the most reliable customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore. Have individual stones set in gold, or an entire gold-Navratna combination – the choice is yours!