Uncut Diamonds – Why You Should Choose Them And How


Uncut Diamonds – Why You Should Choose Them And How

What do you consider “flaws” as? Generally, you wouldn’t consider anything with a flaw as good. You wouldn’t even consider buying an object with a flaw, would you? But, think again. There’s one thing that you MUST purchase with a flaw. We know you’re puzzled. But, certainly, there’s one thing that is better with flaws, rather than being flawless; and that one thing is a diamond. Yes, a diamond!

A real diamond never comes without a flaw

When you think of buying diamonds, you would picture a beautiful flawless and clean diamond, wouldn’t you? But, do you know that a flawless diamond is actually not genuine!? Yes, a real diamond always comes with some or the other flaw or imperfection. And, if you see a diamond that is so perfect that there is no presence of any kind of inclusion, blemish, or scar, then you should be sure that is isn’t a genuine diamond; it’s certainly lab-made or fake.

What’s the reason behind the flaws?

The reason behind these flaws is the extreme heat and pressure deep within the earth where the diamonds are naturally formed. The process of diamond creation takes place under 90 to 140 miles beneath the surface of the earth; so you can imagine how a raw diamond would actually look like. However, this does not mean that you opt for diamonds with a lot of imperfections. The number of imperfections, and the position and presence of imperfections, are what decide on the clarity and brilliance of a diamond, because each flaw interferes with the path of light going through the diamond.

What are uncut diamonds?

Raw or rough diamonds discovered deep beneath the earth that don’t undergo any kind of cutting or polishing are known an uncut diamonds; and look similar to transparent stones having yellow or brown tints. Pure white uncut diamonds are generally very rare, and thus very high priced too. Uncut diamonds are also, just like polished diamonds, valued based on colour, carat, and clarity. But, the value of uncut diamonds cannot be based on the “cut”, unlike the 4Cs of a polished diamond.

Why should you choose uncut diamonds?

Uncut diamonds are pure and unique, not to forget rare too. Choosing them can thus make you stand out from the rest. Moreover, because uncut diamonds are neither cut nor polished, the labour costs involved are reduced, meaning that they are comparatively very less priced than polished diamonds.

How can uncut diamonds be worn?

Uncut diamonds are rising in popularity because of the above reasons. Join the league and get some beautiful trinkets made with pure genuine uncut diamonds, although requiring a little toning to mildly shape and fit in the desired jewellery design.

Uncut diamond engagement ring – Engagement rings with uncut diamonds are becoming a rage. These rings may require slight shaping, but no faceting or polishing is done, such that the crystal’s visual appeal is preserved.

Uncut diamond necklace set – Couture necklace sets designed with the uncut theme are being made on special demand by customers as they wish to outshine the rest with the raw and rare beauty of nature.

Uncut diamond bracelet – When you’re having your earrings, necklace, and ring designed with beautiful raw uncut diamonds, why not complete it with a mesmerizing bracelet too? You could also add other elements like pearls, enamel, etc. to enhance the look.

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