Trending Gold Jewellery For The Traditional Bride


Trending Gold Jewellery For The Traditional Bride

Weddings are the beginning of a new journey, a new chapter in one’s life. And, more than the groom, it is the bride who has all those ups and downs in her mind, because she has to leave behind all those people and things that she had been living with since she was born! We don’t say that the groom doesn’t have to make any changes, but this is definitely a whirlwinding day for the bride. And, amidst all these feelings of anxiety, the bride yet has to look her best on her wedding day because every eye will be judging her beauty while she is doing her ‘pheras’ or while she is on the stage at her reception ceremony. In any case, the bride “has to” deck up with nothing but the best.

Not every bride today is so modern and outgoing. There would be some brides who are traditional, and love being traditional. They would go for those very traditional red or maroon sarees and lehenga cholis for her wedding; and, we don’t see anything wrong in that. But, what we want to say here is that even the most traditional bride should wear the style that is trending, because she can’t afford looking outdated! Understanding this, we have brought forward a list of the most trending jewellery designs for 2020. These gold jewellery pieces are going to be made of the customary metal gold, but yet will look fabulous when worn with a red/maroon saree or lehenga choli.

Temple jewellery

Those who are South completely understand what temple jewellery is. And for those who don’t, temple jewellery are those ethnic pieces of kewellery that are designed in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. They are generally made of gold, embedded with different types of precious stones and gems such as rubies, kundan, polkis, and meenakari. You could opt for yellow gold temple jewellery studded with red and green stones to bring out the wedding essence. Choose the motif of Goddess Lakshmi to symbolize prosperity and abundance that you may have by her blessings after your wedding.

Dangling jhumkis

Jhumkis have been a traditional piece worn by brides. You can keep up with the tradition, yet make it trendy. As a bride, the best motif is the peacock. There are abundant peacock motifs that you can choose from, set in gold, studded with the tiniest of diamonds. Hanging from the peacock can be danglers studded with precious red and green stones.

Multi-layered chains

Gold beaded multi-layered chains signify prosperity and abundance. You could choose to wear multiple chains of different lengths, or a single necklace having multiple layers of gold and diamond. You could have a central big pendant to combine all the layers together, and this central pendant could be a beautiful floral motif set in red and green stones.


If you are a traditional bride, you would also wish to opt for a headgear like they did in the olden era. But, the good news is that mathapattis and maangtikkas are back! More than maangtikkas, brides are now opting for mathapattis. Celebrities are going for it too! So, try a mathapatti that will complement your face – it could be a South Indian style multiple chain mathapatti, or a band style mathapatti with a central pendant that is huge and distinct.

So, go ahead and pamper yourself with these truly captivating jewellery pieces on your D-day. You can walk into Aura Jewels to have your personalized jewellery designs made to match with your outfit, as we are known to be the most admired customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore. We will be happy to be a part of your wedding celebrations with our jewellery being worn by a beautiful bride to make our collection even prettier!

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