Most In-Trend Bollywood Jewellery Fashions Of Today


Most In-Trend Bollywood Jewellery Fashions Of Today

With social media and news these days, celebrities sport something new, and the next thing we see is fans following the new style like crazy! One of the biggest example of this is the Salman Khan blue-coloured silver chain bracelet. We see every die-hard fan of Salman Khan sporting this bracelet. While this bracelet has been in for a while, let’s see what’s new and trending now.

Deepika Padukone’s Solitaire Mangalsutra

Deepika-Padukone’s-Solitaire-MangalsutraLet’s begin with the sensational actress Deepika Padukone’s most spoken about solitaire mangalsutra. The most talked-in-town wedding of the sensational Deepika Padukone and hot and breathtaking Ranveer Singh brings into focus also the mangalsutra she wears. Just as much as both the stars are admired since the beginning of their relationship, their classy selections are also always talked about. And, one such selection is Deepika Padukone’s solitaire mangalsutra. It would seem like one large diamond, but in reality, it is actually a cluster of small diamonds that look like one large diamond or a solitaire. One specialty about her mangalsutra is that the pendant has a bail through which she could pass her chain. You could choose for the same style, or else two small links on the pendant that are attached to two small links on the chain. While the choice is yours, we suggest the latter because that is more practical, as with such a style, you can wear the pendant on the mangalsutra chain, as well as a regular gold chain, as and when required.

Malaika Arora’s Double-Initial Pendant

Malaika-Arora’s-Double-Initial-PendantWe have lately seen Malaika Arora sporting an “AM” pendant in her chain. Received from a friend as a gift, it is said to be an MA pendant that signifies only “Malaika Arora”. But, we speculate that it is a couple pendant signifying Arjun-Malaika. Ever since, lots of couples have been seen to be sporting such couple pendants; and so can you. Have your double-initial pendant customized for yourself, or for your better half, at a customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, and join the league of this trending pendant. You can also make this a great gift for your loved ones, especially when it is something special like a wedding or wedding anniversary. Make it gold initials encrusted with pure little tiny beautiful diamonds.

Anushka Sharma’s Circular Disk Pendant & Three Tone Stackable Ring

Anushka-Sharma’s-Circular-Disk-Pendant-&-Three-Tone-Stackable-RingLet’s get to Bollywood now. There would be no movie fan who would have missed out on watching “Sanju”. And, while we have a lot to appreciate in this movie, one particular character is that if Winnie Diaz, played by Anushka Sharma. With curly hair and a bright smile, the actress is shown in a savvy, really well-dressed avatar, with two things that we cannot help but notice – her engraved circular disk pendant and three tone stackable ring. These are the best choices when you want something minimal and modern. You can keep the pendant style same with anything of your choice engraved on it. It is very easy to accommodate any text or symbol on such pendants; so just get into a customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, and have your pendant crafted. The three tone stackable ring is a set of three rings, one each in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. This is another millennial thing that can be paired with anything. Choose from your materials and tones, and the size of stones, and size of rings; and have it customized as per your preferences.

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