Tips To Have Your Jewellery Last Long


Tips To Have Your Jewellery Last Long

Whatever your possession, when you take care of your asset, it will last longer. As jewellery manufacturers, we will speak about the same in the case of your jewellery. Even the simplest of care can prevent damage, and an expensive trip to the jeweller for repair or replacement. Here are some such simple tips that can help you care for your jewellery better.

Care for your everyday jewels

Whether you regularly wear gold, silver, or diamond jewellery, you need to be sure to keep them prevented. This is because when you wear them every day, and do your everyday routines like cleaning up the house, washing the utensils, etc., you are bringing your jewellery in contact with harmful chemicals like household cleaning products, acids, bleaches, phenyls, and more. All these bottles and sprays can be damaging to your jewellery. So, take care when you use all these chemicals, and it is better to remove your jewellery before working with them.

Care for your precious festive jewellery

That festive jewellery collection that you have is worth thousands or lakhs of rupees, and you don’t want them damaged because of your carelessness, do you? Just like we said above, everyday things that we use at home can damage jewellery to a huge extent. Also, the perfumes, moisturizers, and hair sprays that you use can damage your jewellery. So, when you are getting ready for an occasion, make sure that your jewellery is the last thing you put on your body. Finish with all your perfumes and sprays, and just wear your jewellery when you want to step out of the house. Also, after returning home, don’t just throw away your jewellery on your bedside table to have it tarnish over the night or day after. Take a moment to clean your jewellery with a soft cloth and lay them in separate compartments of your jewellery box, neatly wrapped up in an appropriate cloth or bag.

When you are going to enter harmful environments

Just like storm, cyclones, lightning, and fires are harmful environments for your body, there are some harmful environments for your jewellery too. Your jewellery can be at risk when you expose them to environments that are high in moisture, like the spa, swimming pool, beach, and the like. Any kind of water and moisture will only tarnish the shine of your metals.

Regular checks

Along with the above tips for care of your jewellery, it is also important to have your jewellery checked regularly for any invisible damages. You can take your jewellery into the best jewellery shops in Rajajinagar in Bangalore to have it checked for wear and tear. This will help identify issues early on. For example, professionals will check your rings for worn out claws or dents in the band; your white gold for plating protection; your necklaces and bracelets for any damaged clasps; etc. And, when you want to get rid of your old jewellery and stock up on some latest designs instead, you can always walk into Aura Jewels to get the best and latest designs at the best prices possible!

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