Three Must-Have Rings For Festive Occasions


Three Must-Have Rings For Festive Occasions

Rings have been a favourite, and one necessary jewellery element ever since the times of kings and queens. Among all the jewellery they have worn to show their power and status, huge vibrant rings have been a hot favourite! Women love wearing rings today too, whether it is their engagement ring or a fashion ring. Once a sign of wealth, rings have today become the choice of all; some sporting a huge diamond or gemstone fashion ring in one finger, while others wearing multiple smaller everyday rings in their fingers.

You can find a variety of rings in the market today, one for each kind – proposal rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, friendship rings, and more. Rings have a significant role to play in many ways. And, people wear these significant rings in different ways too. Whether one wears rings on a regular basis or not, no festive attire is complete without a ring. It could be a huge diamond/gemstone ring, or a simple diamond chain ring on one of your favourite fingers, but wearing one can only help complete your festive or occasional look. While the kind of ring you choose for your finger entirely depends upon your choice and preference, here are three most recommended rings that you must have in your jewellery box.

Navaratna ring

navaratna-ringOne of the best rings you can don on any Indian festival or occasion is the Navratrna ring. The Navratna is one that holds all the nine sacred gems of Hinduism together. These sacred gems are believed to activate the energy within the human body when worn. The nine gems include emerald, diamond, ruby, red coral, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, the hessonite gemstone, and the cat’s eye gemstone. The combination of these nine gems makes the gemstone absolutely sacred, showing devotion and providing great meaning, making them the most ideal choice for any sacred occasion. With varieties of Navratna rings to choose from, you can also have these nine gems set in the design of your preference by having your ring customized.

“Om” diamond ring

om-diamond-ringThis is one for those who are spiritual and religious. Also, “Om” is one of the greatest symbols in Hindu mythology; so wearing an “Om” ring on a festival or occasion only increases the value of the event. This sacred and divine symbol can hence make the perfect pick for auspicious events and festivals. Have your own “Om” designed in an elegant and pretty pattern from a customized store near you.

The heart/rose ring

heart-ringHearts and roses are both elements that depict love. They are both a symbol of passion, beauty, and pleasure too. So, wearing a heart ring or a ring studded with roses can be a wonderful ring to be worn on both traditional and contemporary occasions. And, it can be even more magnificent if both the hearts and rose facets can be combined together.

Every festival has a unique significance. So, when dressing up to celebrate, you can decide on your jewellery and rings as per the occasion. But, you could always have the above three rings customized for you  well in advance so that you have enough options to choose from when you actually want to don a ring. And, to have the best customized ring for your beautiful fingers, you can always walk into Aura Jewels, the most trusted and admired customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore.