Take Your Time To Buy The Perfect Diamond


Take Your Time To Buy The Perfect Diamond

Shopping for diamonds is an exciting task, no matter what the occasion or purpose, whether it is an engagement ring, anniversary gift, or a personal gift for yourself. But, at the same time, it can also be challenging undertaking, especially when you don’t know whether you are making the right purchase in terms of quality, genuineness, and price. But, if you know that you are shopping at the right place, the task can become less stressful and less challenging, because you know that the jewellery store is trustworthy, and will provide you only genuine products at genuine prices. One such store is Aura Jewels, which is one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore, as it offers to the customers only GIA certified genuine diamonds, at the most competitive prices, whether the client is a first time diamond shopper, or a regular customer.

Getting a good deal on any purchase is an excellent feeling, but when the product being purchased is a diamond, the shopping experience can get quite daunting, especially when there’s little or no knowledge about it. Although you can always trust the jewellery store, yet you may want some information about buying the right kind of diamond. So, let’s give you some basic advice on the things to look for while buying your precious diamond stone.

The 4 Cs

First and foremost, you must understand the 4Cs of a diamond – the cut, the colour, the clarity, and the carat.

  • The cut of a diamond isn’t its shape, but the number of facets it has, which determines the brilliance and sparkle of the stone, depending upon how the light hits and reflects the different facets.
  • Always remember that the lesser colour in the stone, the higher is its value. So clearly, a white diamond is the most valuable, as compared to other yellow, brown, pink, purple, orange, gray, blue, and red shades.
  • One interesting and unusual fact about a diamond is that you must never buy perfect flawless diamonds. Yes, it’s true! Flawless diamonds aren’t real; they could be lab generated. A real genuine diamond is never flawless; it always contains some or the other imperfections, blemishes, or inclusions.
  • The carat of a diamond refers to its weight – higher the weight, the more expensive the stone. How heavy or light a diamond you purchase depends upon your individual choice.

Diamond testing

You can always check if the diamond is a real or fake one with a few tests, some of the easiest ones mentioned below.

  • Take a look at the diamond with a magnifying glass to check for imperfections. If the diamond is clear and perfect, you now know that it’s fake. But, if there are certain inclusions and imperfections, it could be a real diamond.
  • Fog up the diamond with your breath. If it fogs up, it isn’t real, because real diamonds don’t fog up, as they are good conductors of heat.
  • Heat up the diamond for 30 seconds with a candle or lighter, and then drop it immediately into a glass of cold water. A real diamond will never crack or break with the changes in temperature; but a fake diamond will.
  • Place the diamond on a dot drawn on a white sheet of paper. If you can see the dot through, the diamond is fake.

Price assurance

Once you have checked for everything possible about a diamond, you should be able to decide whether the diamond is a genuine one or not. Nevertheless, you must always ask the manufacturer for the reports of a diamond. That’s because every diamond you see at a store comes from a rough diamond mined from the earth. Every diamond’s journey is different, and you can check for the report which state the diamond’s transformation from rough to polished, just like it occurred, along with information about any inclusions and features. A GIA grading report will also prove a diamond’s genuineness, confirming that no treatment has been done to enhance the colour or clarity of the diamond.

Take your time, ponder over every aspect, and only then purchase a diamond. After all, a diamond is a precious stone, which you won’t be buying every now and then. Paying a hefty price for a diamond certainly requires lots of time and consideration to be put in. Never make an instant decision, even if you are at one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore. After all, having to choose from hundreds and thousands of diamond cuts, colours, shapes, sizes, and jewellery designs to suit your choice, personality, purpose, and budget isn’t a piece of cake. You deserve to be given enough time to find the perfect diamond for yourself.