Skin Allergies From Jewellery – How To Avoid Them?


Skin Allergies From Jewellery – How To Avoid Them?

Have you ever noticed some green or black marks on your skin after you have removed your jewellery? It happens to most of us, which means these marks aren’t really unusual. The reason behind these marks could be an allergy, or a reaction between the metal and our skin. You can see this to happen in areas that are more inclined towards perspiring.

The most common metals that can cause stains on the skin include gold, silver, and copper. Yes, even precious metals like gold and silver can stain the skin! Let’s let you know why this happens, and how you can avoid it.

Tarnish from copper jewellery

Copper turns the skin green due to the reaction the metal causes when it comes in contact with the skin. When copper oxidizes, it turns green, transferring the same tarnish to your skin.

Tarnish from silver jewellery

Silver is generally worn in the form of sterling silver; and this sterling silver contains 7.5% copper; so this explains why sterling silver jewellery can also cause the staining. The stain could be green due to the tarnishing of copper, or black too, due to a reaction of silver with gases in the air.

Tarnish from gold jewellery

This is one thought that you won’t be able to agree to, isn’t it? But, it’s true that gold jewellery can also stain your skin. That’s because gold jewellery is never pure gold, as gold is too soft to be moulded into shapes and designs. This is why gold is mixed with different metals to create jewellery; and these metals are what can cause the stains on skin. Metals like copper, silver, and nickel are mixed with gold, which can cause the discolouration on the skin.

How to keep your skin from staining?

It isn’t necessary that all kinds of copper, sterling silver, or gold jewellery can stain your skin. It also isn’t necessary that every jewellery wearer’s skin gets stained. It depends on the metal used, the quality of the metal used, the nature of the air around, as well as the nature of the wearer’s skin too that decide on the staining process. However, if you are a victim of jewellery staining, here’s all that you can do to keep your skin from staining.

  • Don’t wear the metal that your skin stains from, as simple as that!
  • Cheap jewellery or costume jewellery stains the skin due to the presence of Nickel; so opt for Nickel-free jewellery; you’ll probably not stain your skin again.
  • If gold is staining your skin, opt for 18K gold, which is the purest form of gold, with least mixing of other metals.
  • If sterling silver is causing your skin to stain, you could replace it with platinum, which looks almost like silver, but rarely reacts with the skin.
  • Have your jewellery coated with a metal or clear protective film that doesn’t stain, even when it comes in contact with the air, skin, or sweat. Or, you could yourself coat your jewellery with clear nail polish to form a covering.
  • Stainless steel and Titanium are other great choices for having jewellery that wont stain.
  • Look for jewellery that is labelled “hypo-allergenic” as these jewellery pieces are made especially for people with very sensitive skin.
  • Last but not the least, store your jewellery right when not in use. Storing your jewellery exposed to air may cause it to tarnish, which will be transferred to your skin as stain when you wear it next. Also, make sure you keep your gold and silver jewellery clean before storing them away.

Considering all of the above, and identifying the metals that are causing your skin to stain, it is better to have your jewellery specially customized for you. The best place you can have your jewellery tailor-made is Aura Jewels, the most reliable and genuine customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can work with the talented designers to have your jewellery designed specifically to suit your needs and preferences.