Shopping For Gold Rings


Shopping For Gold Rings

Gold rings are an everyday accessory for most of us today. No matter what financial status we have, no matter what age we are, no matter what religion or caste we belong to, a gold ring is almost an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Yes, the choice of gold rings definitely varies with the personal tastes of the buyer. An upper class individual will want to wear a heavy solid gold ring to boast of their financial status on a daily basis. A middle class working lady will want to have a subtle yet fancy-looking gold ring studded with a diamond or two to grab eyeballs and prove a point at work. On the other hand, a housewife may want a simple band, or the simplest design of gold ring, one that permits her to do her everyday tasks without any hindering. No matter who you are and what your preference is, but there are some things that you ought to consider while shopping for your gold ring, without which it is likely that you may make an unsuccessful purchase. So, here’s all you can learn about everything that you must consider before making a purchase, so that no mistake of choice leads you to disappointment and regret later.

The metals

What kind of gold are you looking for? Is it the standard yellow gold, or the more contemporary and elegant white gold or rose gold? Also, you may be looking for alloys, rather than pure gold, to mix up various metals like silver, copper, zinc, and nickel to have accessories of different shades. If you are a high profile individual looking to show up at the biggest of events, nothing can do better than pure yellow gold. On the other hand, if you are a college or office going individual, a white gold or rose gold ring may suffice to make you look modern and elegant.

The stones

Do you want an all-gold ring, or are you planning to spice it up with some colour? By colour, we mean the gemstone you wish to stud over your ring. A white diamond is the safest bet for anyone and everyone who doesn’t have to worry about matching the gemstone to their attire or occasion. But, other than that, you may also want to opt for other coloured gemstones. You may choose the gemstone based on various factors. You may choose your very own favourite colour to wear every day; you may choose your birthmonth stone; or you may choose the most apt stone based on your horoscope. Whatever you choose, make sure that you know that you will be having this ring on 365 days a year; so keep it attractive yet elegant.

The design

You may opt for a simple band like design, or may have a textured effect like granular, patterned, or tracery. Also, make sure to choose a width that would look good to see every single day; and one that doesn’t look too tiny or too heavy for your finger or hand. Also, the finger you are planning to wear your ring on decides on a good design. After all, each finger ring symbolizes something unique. For example, as a general rule, the index finger calls for a large elongated insert, the middle finger prefers wide flat rings without stone, the wedding ring finger can hold all the fancy details and stones, while the last tiny finger can look best with thin twisted and weaved styles, with tiny stones.

Made your choices? So now you should be ready to shop! With the lockdown slowly easing over all of us, we should be soon able to get into our favourite jewellery store to shop for our rings and other jewels. Thus, once everything’s settled, just walk into Aura Jewels to get the best gold jewellery in Bangalore on your fingers. You can choose from off-the-shelf options, or have your own ring customized by the talented designers available, based on the factors mentioned above.