Rose Gold – A Classy Choice!


Rose Gold – A Classy Choice!

Once considered as only a feminine colour, pink was left to be worn only by the girls. It was considered a bubbly vivacious colour. But today, it is also worn by men, by those who can sport it right. Pink is no more a juvenile colour. It is widespread across all kinds of industries. For example, the catwalks see all sorts of pink being prominently featured in both gowns and coats. Then, restaurants and banquets are adopting different hues of pink as their primary colour.

The colour pink in jewellery

Now, speaking of jewellery, pink has always been a favourite, especially when it comes to radiant stones like pink sapphire, rubellite, pink tourmaline, pink spinel, and pink topaz. Women also love wearing lighter shades of pink such as rose quartz, rhodonite, pink opal, pink fluorite, and morganite. However, pink jewellery is not limited to only these stones now. In fact, one of the most precious metals – gold – has also gone pink! Yes, pink gold, rather “rose gold” is available with the same worth as yellow gold, but with a rosier tinge. In fact, rose gold makes the wearer instantly possess a more mature and classy persona! And, this is the reason why so many jewellery lovers have opted for rose gold in recent months and years.

What is it that makes rose gold so charming?

The colour of yellow gold sometimes looks too strikingly bright; and does not even suit many skin tones. Rose gold reduces this vividness with a warmer and softer tone that looks both luxurious and modest, and is flattering on most skin tones. Rose gold has thus become the new classic for its beauty and versatility. Rose gold is actually a blend of yellow gold, copper, and a hint of silver, which is the reason behind the complementary and versatile colour of the metal.

How did the concept of rose gold come up?

Rose gold is no new concept. It came into existence as early as the 1800s, when the renowned jeweler of Imperial Russia, Carl Faberge, decorated his most elaborate creations with the copper infused precious metal. It was then known as “Russian Gold”, which was later renamed as rose gold.

How to wear rose gold the right way?

  • When it comes to rose gold jewellery, its alluring shine and harmonious tone makes it an extremely wearable piece. Moreover, this precious metal looks good when worn with other metal hues too, making it easier to layer and stack it up with other metals like gold, silver, etc.
  • Simple rose gold jewellery can look great with any pattern and attire. However, if you wish to wear a chunky piece of rose gold jewellery with studded gemstones, you must make sure to wear it only with a simple outfit.
  • Even though rose gold itself has a pinkish tinge, pink gemstones tend to look amazing when set in rose gold. Stones like pink diamonds, pink sapphires, pink tourmaline, and morganite look great when set in rose gold. However, for those who aren’t in for too much of pink, other great combinations can be made with blue, red, purple, black, and brown stones. These dark gemstones add a touch of drama and contrast to rose gold. Nevertheless, if you want a neutral look, you could always choose white diamonds and pearls, to remain on the safe side.
  • Rose gold jewellery looks great with almost all colours like black, white, beige, cream, navy blue, and dark green. But, you must avoid wearing it with brighter colours like red, orange, and yellow. That’s because it will clash with your outfit, bringing a disintegrated look.

Using these subtle little tips, you can have a jewellery piece that is a perfect balance of classic and modern. Feeling inspired? Shop for the perfect rose gold jewellery or have it customized at Aura Jewels, the most admired customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore.