Perfect Gold Jewellery Gifts For Her – Under 10K


Perfect Gold Jewellery Gifts For Her – Under 10K

Finding the right gift for your lady love can always be exhausting and challenging. There is so much that you can gift her, from clothes, to soft toys, to beauty products, to chocolates, and so much more. But, if you have a bigger budget and want to gift her something eternal, we have just the perfect suggestion – gold jewellery! Yes, gold jewellery is something that has always been an important possession for our Indian ladies; and she is definitely going to appreciate your thought of gifting her that precious yellow metal. To help you with the perfect gifting choice, we have some suggestions that can help you make a good choice, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Stud earrings

studThese are the simplest and easiest jewellery pieces you can get her. Stud earrings are unique and chic that can go well with almost all kinds of garments. It could also be worn as an everyday accessory to work, so that she remembers you whenever she looks at herself in the mirror, no matter what time of the day it is, and no matter where. Get her a simple gold stud earring with a diamond set in, and you’ll see how she’ll flaunt it all day long.

Drop earrings

drop-earringsDrop earrings are another classy element that can be worn for parties or on special occasions. Depending on what she likes, you can go in for simple big sized hoops to make her feel bold, or long eye catchy danglers to make her look graceful. Shop for an artistic design and modern touch.


nose-ringNosepins are no more that traditional element that was worn only by Indian brides or married women. Today, even young girls sport nosepins to make their face look attractive and more feminine. Choose a simple diamond nosepin for your lady that she can wear forever and up her style and trend.


pendantPendants can be another impressive jewellery piece. Depending upon what she likes or what kind of a girl she is, you can choose the right pendant for her. If she is so much in love with you and is really fond of hearts, it’s going to be the simplest thing for you to choose a heart-shaped pendant. If she is more feminine, she would love a floral pendant. Then, there are many other options for you to choose from, if she doesn’t want those common hearts and florals. There are stars, moons, crosses, geometric shapes, religious designs, and initials.


ringsLast but not the least, rings are always an option. There are so many delicate designs in gold that you can gift your lady love to make her feel loved more than anything else. It shouldn’t necessarily be an engagement ring, but even a simple love band should make her feel that you love her the most. No matter how much you love her, or how long you have been together, a ring should make her feel even more closer to you.

So, you can see how a beautiful gold piece of jewellery can do wonders! Gift your lady a small piece of gold, and see how much she feels adored. And, all of that mentioned above can be easily available within a budget of Rs. 10,000. So, make your choice, and whatever you choose, we would always suggest that you have your design customized. After all, customized jewellery is always better. So, you can just walk in at Aura Jewels, the best customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, where there are skilled artisans who can help you with designing the perfect piece of jewellery for your beautiful lady.