A Peak Into Indian Temple Jewellery


A Peak Into Indian Temple Jewellery

India is all about mythology. There are a variety of castes and religions followed in India, and every caste and every religion has its own unique identity. But, one thing that remains common is the faith that every Indian has in the deity the individual follows; so much so that we see Indians also wearing a symbol of their deity in their necks or on their wrists or arms. Speaking of this, it leads us to one unique form of jewellery – the Indian Temple Jewellery!

What is temple jewellery?

Temple jewellery is one that is rendered an ethnic temple art form in elaborate and intricate designs, every inch of detailing screaming a rich Indian heritage. They demonstrate the lavish Indian temple treasures into design, bringing temple art to life, especially in precious gold.

Temple jewellery workmanship

Temple jewellery requires specialized temple workmanship, which is the process through which the final piece of jewellery is made, a handmade process that is significantly distinguished from other forms of workmanship. It involves hand chiseling, where the jewellery is painstakingly chiseled to perfection by hand. It is thus a labour-intensive process that takes 15-20 days to complete a single piece! This is the reason temple jewellery is so exclusive and expensive. However, even though this kind of jewellery is expensive, we yet suggest you to buy the same. That’s because temple jewellery is often considered the choice of the rich and affluent, as it is a highly researched purchase that involves a lot of planning. You can’t just put up any element you like in a temple jewellery piece. There has to be a lot of research done to ensure that you aren’t demeaning the value of the motifs that you’re planning to use.

Temple jewellery ideas

Temple jewellery carries a legacy with it – the legacy of Indian heritage, the legacy of a family, the legacy of underlying art, and the legacy of master craftsmanship. Thus, temple jewellery can be treated like no other form of jewellery, no matter how precious. Such legacy makes temple jewellery a must-have for you as a tribute to life’s most important milestones, such as your wedding. You can choose to have temple jewellery designs incorporated into a lot many pieces, some of them mentioned below.

Necklace sets

You can choose to have an entire jewellery set designed into temple jewellery form, comprising of a necklace and matching earrings. Include artistic intricate detailing to make the jewellery set even more enthralling.


Temple jewellery looks great when incorporated in everyday gold bangles. Or, you can choose for thick heavy festive bangles holding Goddess Lakshmi’s motif with a milgrain design.

Lord Venkateshwara Haram

Lord Venkateswara is one of the most popular motifs used in temple jewellery. Have a big detailed Lord Venkateswara pendant in the center, beautifully bordered with paisley skirting.

Ram Parivar Haram

Another popular motif is Lord Rama with his family of Mata Sita and brother Lakshman. This Ram Parivar concept can be worn by any Indian – North or South – making a compelling presence. This ceremonial piece can suit any grand occasion, may it be a wedding, or any religious ritual like house warming or any other Puja. So, you can always enrich new beginnings with temple jewellery.

Choose from these popular ideas or create your own by working with the talented and skilled artisans at Aura Jewels, the most admired customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore. However, make sure you do a thorough research so that do not disgrace any religion in any way. Be absolutely certain about what you are planning to buy.