Nakshi Jewellery – What It Is And How It Is Made


Nakshi Jewellery – What It Is And How It Is Made

Nakshi Jewellery has been around for a long time now; however, it is a rare kind of jewellery because of its intricacy in design and the difficult curves and shapes that have to be hammered to get the right shape. It is one of the highest level arts wherein a simple sheet of gold has to be crafted into Gods, Goddesses, and Mythical figures. Thus, Nakshi Jewellery is generally a part of temple designs, which originate mainly from Southern India. Each step involved in the making of such Nakshi Jewellery is intricate and delicate.

Step 1 – Designing

The first step involves drawing a rough sketch of the design on paper and then sketching the same on the gold sheet.

Step 2 – Hammering

After sketching, the sheet is them hammered out to bring out the complete design and the major features like facial outline, curvatures of hands and legs, garlands, pedestals, etc. This gives a vague idea of what the design will look like, the real outlook that will be seen, which helps in judging the scope of transformation.

Step 3 – Crafting the details

Once the above step is clear, the details are then engraved. Immense care is taken to craft the facial features as these features form the crux of the design. The detailing of the eyes, nose, and mouth is what gives the jewellery its soul; thus every effort is put in to heighten the value of the jewellery piece. Also, the details of the fingers, garland designs, and any other ornaments are crafted.

Step 4 – Removing the excess sheet

Once the details are completing, the excess portion of the gold sheet is cut off. Although this step may sound as an easy task to do, remember this isn’t paper; it is a gold sheet. It is quite difficult to cut a gold sheet with perfection. One mistake, and all the above efforts are gone in vain.

Step 5 – Closing

The gold sheet used is definitely very thin to allow all the detailed Nakshi to be done perfectly. Thus, with the detailed Nakshi in the front, the back portion needs to be closed to add strength to the piece. The rough edges are then smoothened for finishing, and finally the jewellery piece is cleaned and polished, followed by a special antique polish if required, to give the jewellery an exotic finish.

Thus, with all the sketching, hammering, detailing, cutting, and finishing, Nakshi jewellery becomes one intricate and unique piece. As it can be commonly understood, Nakshi jewellery required skilled artisans for the job to be done perfectly. One place where you can have such artisans craft the best gold jewellery in Bangalore for you is Aura Jewels. Here, there are experienced and professional designers and artisans who build up the most unique kinds of timeless jewellery designs. And, you can also walk up to them with your preferred designs and have your choice of jewellery customized for your special occasion!