Mesmerizing Cocktail Rings You Can Sport On Various Occasions


Mesmerizing Cocktail Rings You Can Sport On Various Occasions

You might have noticed those huge sparkling rings worn by ladies on social gatherings, weddings, red carpet events, or even in the movies and television. Such cocktail rings are nothing new; they go way back to the 1920s, which became even more popular around the 1940s. Ever since, ladies have been wearing cocktail rings for special occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, red carpet events, and the like. Have you also ever desired to wear such rings to gain attention and turn heads, but don’t know how to shop for them? You’re not alone. Shopping for such huge stunning sparkling cocktail rings isn’t a piece of cake. There is a good amount of consideration that goes into buying a cocktail ring to get the right kind of ring on your finger.

The basics

Cocktail rings can be made in gold, silver, or platinum, studded with a large diamond or other precious gemstone in the center. Although they are larger than regular rings, they are often made in intricate designs. It could be just one huge stone in the center, or smaller stones surrounding the bigger gem, depending upon the design. Cocktail rings are available in a variety of designs, but the most popular ones include floral, geometric, and spiral. The metal used is generally yellow, white gold, or rose gold, and nothing lesser than that. Apart from this, let us tell you about the different popular types of cocktail rings trending among women.

Trending designs

Diamonds in floral designs – Floral designs are a universal among women of all ages, castes, and nationalities. Women are always obsessed with flowers. So, if you want something floral, you can opt for a cluster of diamonds set in a floral shape, set in yellow or rose gold.

Oval Ruby ring – A big oval shaped Ruby set in gold, surrounded by tiny round diamonds, is another very trending design. Moreover, it looks good with almost any outfit you wear, western or traditional. Besides, Ruby looks great not only with red outfits, but any colour that you’re wearing on any occasion.

Emerald marquise shaped ring – If green is your favourite colour, opt for an emerald set in a marquise shaped design, may it be standalone or surrounded by smaller diamond, set in yellow or white gold. Again, the green stone will complement almost any colour you wear.

Amethyst in white gold – This is for those who don’t want the traditional yellow coloured gold; and wish to wear white gold or platinum instead. That’s because amethyst, the beautiful purple coloured stone looks amazing set in these metals, bringing out a stunning appearance.

Experimental mix – If you love to play along with shapes and styles, this one is for you. If you don’t want to stick to a single shaped diamond, you can create a mix of different shapes like heart, emerald cut, pear shaped, and more, all embedded together, and studded in rose gold. It’s definitely going to be one jaw-dropping cocktail ring, provided you wish to experiment with something unique!

These are just the most trending designs. You could always wish to have your own style in terms of metal, stone, colour, designs, and setting. You can have your own ring specially customized for you and your special occasion at Aura Jewels, one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore!