Men, Here’s How To Wear Your Jewellery Right!


Men, Here’s How To Wear Your Jewellery Right!

The first gender that comes to the mind when thinking of jewellery is females. But, that doesn’t mean that men wear or want jewellery any less. Men today have a liking for good amounts of jewellery. But, if they don’t wear it right, it’s going to look only weird. So, here are some rules that every man should follow to make sure he isn’t making the funniest errors.

Keep it simple

Women have the liberty to overdo their jewellery the way they like, but men don’t. Yes, that is impartiality, we know that. But, it’s a fact too. Men need to undoubtedly keep their jewellery simple. It could be a simple chain, a band ring, or a simple bracelet. This is even more important if you want to wear it on an everyday basis. Overdoing these jewellery pieces won’t help you wearing them every day. Nevertheless, if you are going for an event or are in a festive mood, you could go for heavier designs. But, don’t try wearing everything at once.

Keep it blended

Whether you are choosing silver of gold, you should only be sporting a single metal. Combining both or any other combinations may not make it appealing to the eyes. Gold is a warm colour, while silver is cool. Never combine these metals; they will strike too sharply! If you want to add on, you can combine gold and silver with appropriate stones of similar shade cards, but don’t combine the two metals at all; the difference is extreme! However, even while combining metal with stone, you need to be very particular about using a colour that suits your skin tone, and one that is limited in size. Too huge or too striking a colour can look feminine.

Choose jewellery that is relevant

Because men use very less of jewellery, the eyes catch men with jewellery instantly. Thus, even though it may take up only a tiny percentage of your visual presentation, you need to be very careful about what you wear as people will definitely zero in on your jewellery, especially if it is a flashy metal. Wearing too much jewellery will only grab more attention; and every person will view it differently. Some may view your jewellery as you owning too much of wealth, while others may take it up as organized crime affiliation. We understand that you may like wearing jewellery; we don’t keep you from wearing it, but we only say that you wear it right and relevant. Avoid flamboyant designs, and wear only meaningful jewellery – jewellery that is meaningful and relevant to the situation. Also, know when to wear what. Again, as point 1, keep it simple each day, and save your best for the big occasions in life.

We know it’s unfair for you to follow such rules, but that is reality. So, if y ou wish to appear well-dressed and classy, you will need to stay within the bounds of accepted male styles for sure. And, to get the best designs; the designs you wish to wear; just walk into Aura Jewels, the most admired customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore. Here, you can choose from ready designs, as well as have your preferred designs especially customized.

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