When Your Loved One Is Shifting To A New Home – What To Gift?


When Your Loved One Is Shifting To A New Home – What To Gift?

Moving to a new home is an exciting yet challenging process. It becomes exciting because one moves into one’s dream home – a place where he has seen a lot of dreams to be brought into reality; a place where he has wished to dwell in for so long; a place that is safe and closest to his heart. At the same time, it becomes challenging because there is a new neighbourhood, new people to meet, new markets to get comfortable in, and so much more. But, whether exciting or challenging, moving into a new home is definitely a momentous occasion! Such an occasion always calls for a celebration. When one is shifting into a new home, they will always invite friends and relatives over – it could be a home warming ceremony, or a party. Whatever it may be, you can’t go to any without a gift in hand. And, as an Indian, one of the best things you could gift on such an occasion is some silver. Make the momentous occasion even more memorable and highly regarded for the hosts by gifting such a memorable and highly regarded metal!

Silver is a luxurious and precious metal that is integral to the Indian culture, considered to bring prosperity and success to anyone possessing it. Thus, it is an elegant and radiant contemporary material that you can happily gift to your loved ones to have them appreciate your feelings. But, what kind of silver to buy? With lots and lots of options available, here we list down some of the most thoughtful gifts you can present to those shifting into a new home.

Silver coins

Silver coins have been an admirable gifting item since time immemorial. Use this safe technique and gift a silver coin to your loved one. You could get one with one side embossed or engraved with Goddess Lakshmi to signify that you wish the home owners wealth and success in their future.

Silver idols

Another safe gift is a silver idol. In fact, gifting silver idols when a person moves into a new home is considered lucky in Indian culture! Also, such a gift fills the entire space with positive vibes. GanpatiJi and LakshmiJi are two most common idols that are gifted as they are considered to be symbols of blessings and prosperity.

Silver puja items

When a person is buying a new home, there is a high chance that he has a separate Puja Room, or at least a small space for a mandir in his home. You can make such spaces even more special by gifting silver puja items to the householders. Choose from a wide range of options like silver kalash, silver diyas, silver thalis, silver ghantis, and more.


Another useful gift for someone who is making a new home is new crockery. Make use of the opportunity and gift them silverware like bowls, spoons, trays, glasses, mukhwas sets, and more. These items will be very useful to them, which can help boost their pride when they serve food and drinks in such silverware when they have guests over. They will never be able to stop thanking you whenever they use these crockery.

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