Looking For An Engagement Ring That Is Not Gold?


Looking For An Engagement Ring That Is Not Gold?

Does it always have to be gold when it’s an engagement or wedding? Not really! If you want to move away from the very traditional yellow colour, the next option you can have is silver. One of the most important parts of your engagement is your engagement ring. After all, the ring is proof of the vows you and your partner have taken for a lifetime. And, you want those vows, those promises, and that glorious engagement moment to sparkle through your ring; and there can be nothing better than glittering sterling silver! And, to make it right, you need to keep a few considerations in mind while buying your ring.

The style

You need to buy a ring that not you, but the one that your partner will love. Either you know your partner to well or you need to ask about their preference. Do they want a classic traditional design, or a modern pattern? The most classic and traditional design is a solitaire in a prong setting, while you can have many different settings for a modern pattern – channel, bar, bezel, cluster, and paved settings. Whether you are a boy looking for the perfect design for your lady, or you are a girl looking for the best design for your husband-to-be, there are amazing designs available at present in silver rings for both the genders. You can either consult your close friends of family members to make the perfect choice, or trust the experts at Aura Jewels, the best jewellery shop in Bangalore, to have the most trending design perfectly set in silver and certified diamonds.


The cut

The diamond in your silver ring only adds to the elegance and sparkle, making it more noticeable and attractive. But, you need to also choose the kind of cut you want for your diamond. If you are going for a single solitaire, you would like to choose a big rock that stands out. If you are choosing a more intricate design with multiple stones, you can opt for smaller sized stones with princess cuts set next to one another. The size and cut that you choose is going to add to the beauty of your ring; so choose wisely.


Couple rings

Either you choose individually for your partner, or both of you could go together to make your purchase. And, this would be best if you are planning to buy couple rings. It could help you get rings for both of you with a single theme and a single motif – in two different male and female styles.

So now, you can let go off the traditional gold and experiment with something more sophisticated and sparkling like diamond studded sterling silver. Try fresh designs and new setting options with silver for a more contemporary vibe with a soft, romantic feeling. After all, choosing the perfect engagement ring is your first step for an exciting journey together; so make the most of it!

You can step in at Aura Jewels to get the best designs in silver jewellery in Bangalore. Either choose from the readily available designs, or have your own rings customized as per your choice – you have both the options open. And, while you are here, you can also get your hands on some amazingly exquisite and genuine silver articles in Bangalore that can be gifted to your closed ones on such special occasions.