Look Stunning With These Traditional Gold Jewellery Pieces


Look Stunning With These Traditional Gold Jewellery Pieces

Just like fashion for everything changes with every season and every year, jewellery designs keep changing too. Every year, innumerous jewellery designers are coming onto the stage to present unique and exclusive designs. Although designs are going completely modern today, but when we think of occasions like weddings, engagements, namkaran, or any other such traditional ritual, we generally look for more of traditional designs, especially in gold. To help you make the right choice in the best gold jewellery in Bangalore, which can make you look stunning and spectacular, we have brought to you a list of those jewellery pieces which have been forgotten by our millennials, but are actually those pieces of jewellery that can highlight and accentuate the best areas of your body.


BajubandThis is a unique piece of jewellery worn around the arms, which was first seen in India to be worn by Bharatnatyam dancers. Over the years, this unique piece has been forgotten. But, you can revive the trend by wearing a bajuband to one of your most important rituals. Both men and women can wear them – men could go for more sturdy designs to show-off their biceps, while women can go for more delicate designs.


MaangtikkaMaangtikkas are those pieces of jewellery worn on the head to accentuate the entire look of the face. You could opt for diamond studded gold maangtikkas to ass a refreshing touch to any occasion. It was a must-have accessory in the 1960s, which has died down over the years. While brides still do wear them, you can make it a trend by wearing a delicate and simple maangtikka even when it is not your wedding. Wear it to any traditional occasion and grab eyeballs! Trust us, it will definitely add a touch of royalty to your garment.


nathThese are nose rings and nose pins that have been worn by Indian queens and empresses in ancient times – big huge ones. However, women in the rural areas or those that belong to castes like Gujaratis, Marwadis, Marathis, and Biharians wear tiny nose rings on a daily basis. But, you can go between the two, and sport a beautiful medium-sized nose ring on a special occasion that look fancy and attractive. These nose pins will make a small statement of independent fashion.


payalPayals are anklets worn around the ankles. Unlike the above three forms of jewellery, payals are still in fashion. Some wear them in traditional ways – heavy ones on occasions and lighter ones on a regular basis; while others wear them in contemporary ways, in the form of anklets worn only in one leg. Choose your style and opt for gold ones studded with beautiful little colourful stones.

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