Kind Of Diamond Jewellery Every Corporate Woman Must Have


Kind Of Diamond Jewellery Every Corporate Woman Must Have

When you’re a corporate woman, you’ll be going to work every day, meeting your colleagues, and if you are in the front office, then you’ll meet clients too. Also, you’ll be having meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, and so many other occasions when you’ll be meeting many other kinds of corporate people from different fields, different companies, different cities, or maybe even different countries. No matter how big or small your role in the company may be, you are going to meet people for sure, few or many. And, in order to strike the right impression about yourself, your company, your brand, you need to be dressed up well. By dressing up, we don’t mean only your clothes. Although your attire will define you to a great extent, everything else like your hairdo, your makeup, your jewellery, your shoes, and other belongings will also play an important role in speaking a lot about you.

While we can’t suggest you much on the clothing you should wear and the look you should don at work, but as one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore, we, at Aura Jewels, can certainly tell you about all the jewellery you can wear when you’re around other corporates to make the right impression. Whether you realize it or not, but a piece of jewellery you wear instantly becomes a part of your identity. And, this is why we suggest that you make a one-time investment in some gorgeous diamond jewellery that you can wear to work every day. Diamond is something that looks classy and elegant, and it’s going to stay more enduring than any other less expensive gemstone you’ll choose to buy. Moreover, diamond works well with gold as well as silver, so you have the choice to make it enhance your choice of metal, which is less likely in other kinds of coloured gemstones.

Diamond earrings

An earring is the first thing that’ll be noticed when someone looks at your face. Also, an earring is what will enhance the look of your face. So, you need to choose your earrings wisely. There are two types of diamond earrings you can choose from that can be worn every day to work, without looking too gaudy. The first option is a simple diamond stud, which looks good on every kind of face, and for any kind of occupational level. A diamond stud also looks good with anything traditional or western you wear. You have choices to pick from when you’re selecting your diamond stud earrings – you could either settle down for regular round or square diamond studs, or make a more fancy floral or heart-shaped selection. Another type of earring you could choose is the hoop, if a diamond stud seems too plain for you. Diamond hoops are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending upon your face cut and size, and the kind of work environment you perform in, you could choose your specific hoop type. There are rounds, ovals, squares, and rectangles as basic shapes to choose from. Make sure you stick to small-sized ones in terms of both length and breadth, so that you can wear it to work every day without looking too exaggerated.

Diamond nose pin

A diamond nose pin is certainly ethnic, but don’t underestimate it to go well with a contemporary outfit too. Diamond nose pins are becoming more of a trend these days, than being an outdated traditional element worn by only the typical Indian girls. But, when you’re choosing a nose pin, make sure it’s a small one and not too elaborate, as it should only enhance your face, without looking too out-of-the-way at work.

Diamond pendant

Why we say pendant, and not necklace, is because wearing a diamond necklace to work will look too out-of-the-way. It’s thus better to opt for a nice diamond pendant, with the size and design depending on your personal choice, and wear it in a nice dainty gold or silver chain, as it pleases you. This will add the required charm to your personality, without making it too extravagant.

Diamond ring

There can be nothing more attractive and alluring than a diamond ring. If designed beautifully, customized especially to suit your particular style and personality, it’ll certainly leave a lasting impression. And, a diamond ring goes well with any kind of attire, adding that bling and glamour, yet letting it look elegant and classy.

Diamond bracelet

Add some style to your hands with an eye-catching addition of a diamond bracelet to your collection. But, make sure to keep it simple and subtle in a way that neither does it distract others, nor does it hinder with your work at office in any way. And, if you want to go a little on the Indian side, you could always opt for diamond bangles instead.

It’s never too late to buy diamond jewellery; just make sure to choose the right designs that are going to stay in trend for longer, as you won’t be investing in a diamond every now and then. Walking into one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore can also help you fetch some good advice as to what you should buy to suit both your personality and budget, while serving your purpose.