Why Should You Have Your Jewellery Designs Customized?


Why Should You Have Your Jewellery Designs Customized?

Jewellery that has existed since the time of civilization had undergone innumerous and incredible changes and transformations in terms of not only the designs and materials used, but also usage and symbolism. While earlier, queens and brides were heavily adorned with the heaviest and most precious jewellery, today while there are no queens, brides are opting for more sophisticated and trendy jewellery. Indian jewellery was once a tradition and symbol of status, but today, the entire jewellery industry is transforming, in regards to designs and forms. This is where designer jewellery comes into the scene.

With tastes stirring high up in the society, with everyone wanting to be unique, demands are shifting from basic traditional designs to trendy jewellery pieces. This is why everyone wants customized designer jewellery  that speaks volumes of both purity and class. Consumers are satisfying their personal values and dreams by working with designers to create magnificent unique pieces. You can do the same by walking into Aura Jewels, the most diligent customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore.

Why is designer jewellery trending so high?

Today, the luxury market caters majorly to jewellery, which is why many international companies wish to invest in it, making global tastes and trends penetrate the market. In addition, the narrowing prices of gold and diamond are also hiking the trends of designer jewellery. Designer jewellery combines both luxury and fashion, increasing intrinsic design values.

How to designer jewellery tastes differ?

While every girl and woman has her own taste of jewellery, a large amount of different is seen in terms of caste, region, and religion. What a North Indian girl would like, a South Indian girl may not. What a Punjabi lady may like, a Gujarati may not. Similarly, what a Hindu woman may like, a Muslim, Christian, or Parsi may not. It is generally seen that North Indian girls look for bold designs, South Indian girls look for intricate and more religious designs, while Christian and Parsi girls look for simplest and minimalistic designs when they have to choose their wedding jewellery. Thus, a variety of factors affect the tastes and preferences of jewellery designs, which is the main reason why people have now shifted to having their designs customized.

What are the latest trends?

Today, people are looking forward to more of contemporary lightweight designs, with a mix of western and ethnic elegance. They are looking for affordable and easy-to-wear jewellery pieces. Some of the most popular metals, stones, colours, and shapes seen today include –

  • Crystalline diamonds, fiery red rubies, green emeralds, rich purples, and royal blues
  • Filigree and wire work with geometric shapes like rounds, ovals, triangles, hexagons, and octagons
  • Victorian style jewellery with antique metals and rose cut diamonds, or a combination of gold and silver, with a stone set in the center
  • White gold, rose gold, pink gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds – all are trending equally

Choose your style and have your designs tailored at the best customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore; and flaunt your designs to grab all eyeballs, no matter where you go!