Inspiring Jewellery For The Indian Bride


Inspiring Jewellery For The Indian Bride

Weddings are the beginning of a beautiful journey, signifying the traditional way of bringing two souls together. And, while we follow this tradition very beautifully, it is important that we also keep all the traditions in place. One thing that clearly is a tradition is the gold jewellery worn by the bride to match her beautiful bridal lehenga. After all, it is the bride’s D-day, and she ought to be clad in stunning heavy jewellery, including everything from basics like necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings, to other pieces like payals, kamarbandh, bajubandh, mathapatti, and nose-ring. But, as we live in a modern world today, we must know how to balance both tradition and fashion in the right way. You’ll need to wear jewellery that balances both traditional and contemporary designs and colours. Your jewellery pieces must resonate with the current trends, yet stay close to Indian culture. Here are some ideas to help you.


This is the first day of your legal confirmation of marriage. This is when the entire group of guests will look at both the groom and the bride; which is why you need to make the best impression in this event. Add glory to your splendor with a layered necklace made of strings of gold beads and diamonds, with one or more huge pendants, either in the centre, or on one side for a contemporary touch.


The Sangeet is a light-aired occasion of music and dance. Make it even more melodious with clinking of your gold bangles. Keep the jewellery light yet artistic, studded with Kundan stones. For the occasion, you can opt for contemporary colours like light blue or pink.


Mehendi and Haldi are two occasions that mark one of the most important events at the beginning of your wedding journey. Both call for light jewellery that are artistic and elegant. If it is for your Mehendi, you can opt for parrot green or emerald stones; and for the Haldi, yellow and mustard are the best options.

The wedding day

The most traditional jewellery you would want to wear is temple designs. You can set your necklace with temple designs; for example, of Goddess Lakshmi, adorning it with other traditional motifs like lotus, elephant, and mango. Match it up with dazzling jhumkis with bird-like motifs at the base. You can add some different length gold beaded Malas for more depth and coverage. Add oversize rings on both the hands, crafted with uncut kundan stones.

Every bride deserves only the best on her special day. Use the above ideas to plan up the most relevant and pleasing jewellery pieces for every event of your wedding. Starting from your engagement, and going through the paths of Sangeet, Mehendi, and Haldi, to finally end up at your wedding, use these suggestions for the perfect jewellery compilation. And, you can always rely on Aura Jewels, the only name for the best gold jewellery in Bangalore, to have all the above and more designed especially for you, to suit your personality, choice, occasion, and attire.