Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends That’ll Never Go Out Of Style


Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends That’ll Never Go Out Of Style

Indian weddings are always big affairs. Even middle class men, when plan on their son or daughter’s wedding, want it be a remarkable event. They’d do everything in their possible reach to make the event as grand as possible. And, while a wedding is a life-changer for the groom too, but it’s comparatively more difficult for the bride. She’s got to look her best as all eyes are going to be on her, and every eye looking at her will be judging her by her looks. And, an Indian bridal look is always incomplete without lots of gold.

So, what’s your pick on the gold jewellery for your wedding? There’s quite some thinking you need to do on that, because after all, it is your jewellery that is going to enhance the look of your wedding outfit and hairdo by multifold. You thus can’t afford to miss out on choosing nothing but the best! You can always experiment with all that you want, but if you have a minimal budget, and can’t meet the expense of experimenting with something new and failing over it, you’ll want to be extremely safe with what you’re choosing. And, to help you with the safest choices, here are three Indian bridal jewellery trends that are sure to stay in style forever.

Artistic Jadau

Why we say “artistic” Jadau is because it involves a process of implanting both valuable and semi-valuable jewellery tones into a base made of gold, which has been in use since the Mughal times. Mughal craftsmen had extraordinary aptitude and long stretches of training to bring this art into form. This makes Jadau jewellery an ideal case of amazingly talented craftsmanship. You must understand that Jadau is not a particular stone; it is a jewellery making technique that can involve the usage of different kinds of stones like Kundan, Polki, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc.

Evergreen Kundan

Kundan is one of the favourite choices of brides for their jewellery. Kundan jewellery involves the usage of many colourful precious stones, wherein gold foils are squeezed to make bezels to hold the stones. Traditionally, Kundan jewellery comprises of glass, and not stones. Moreover, the posterior of a Kundan stone is enameled in various hues, making it even more beautiful.

Luxurious Polki

Polki is a category of jewellery that comprises of crude, incomplete, and whole precious stones, set in a gold setting. The setting of these stones is such that Polki jewellery sparkles more brilliantly and displays more shine. This is also a jewellery type that saw its inception during the Mughal era. Polki is nothing but an uncut diamond that is mined from the Earth in a natural way, with no enhancement or lab creation. This natural form of Polki is what has made it so highly valued.

Choose your style, and have the best gold jewellery in Bangalore designed for your wedding, from Aura Jewels. You may choose to use any of the above traditional concepts of Indian bridal jewellery, or opt for other contemporary trends that’ll be doing the rounds this year.