How To Make The Best Gold Purchase


How To Make The Best Gold Purchase

Buying gold jewellery is no piece of cake. It requires careful attention to every detail, and complete consideration in every aspect. One wrong decision and you may end up in an erroneous purchase! So, if you are not an expert purchaser of gold, our blog will help you with the right tips on how to make the best gold purchase. Make sure you consider these factors so that you don’t have to repent later.

Jewellery certification

Make sure that you buy jewellery that is hallmarked. A hallmark on the gold will assure you of the purity of the material. Along with gold, the diamonds in your jewellery should also be certified. This will prove the authenticity of the stone. Make sure you buy jewellery with diamonds that are certified for authenticity from prestigious laboratories like GIA. When you buy your jewellery from a reputed and reliable jewellery manufacturer like Aura Jewels, you can rest assured that you are getting the best gold jewellery in Bangalore. This is because we are proud of our membership and association with the industry’s most prestigious organizations like The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), The Jewellers Association Bengaluru (JAB), and The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Thus, when you shop with us, you know that you are buying jewellery made of GIA certified diamonds and hallmarked gold.


Sourcing of the materials

When the gold jewellery you are buying has gemstones studded in the design, you must know if the diamonds are conflict-free and obtained from legitimate sources. You must shop from a manufacturer who incorporated socially, environmentally, and ethically sound business practices that ensure conflict-free diamonds being used in the products.


Hidden costs

There could be hidden costs in your purchase. Make certain that nothing is hidden from you when you are making your buy. You need to know all the things that you are really paying for when buying your jewellery piece. You can ask for a complete break-up of your bill to know the gold price, diamond price, gemstone price, making charges, and VAT. This will help you ensure any other hidden costs.


Return policies

There could be a time when you would want to return or exchange your gold jewellery in the future. It is better to be aware of the return policies of the manufacturer you are buying your jewellery from. Traditional jewelers may deduct the weight of the stone from the total value of the jewellery piece, considering it as an impurity. Get clarity on such exchange policies, and any hidden charges that may be accompanied.