Guide To Buying The Perfect Men’s Jewellery


Guide To Buying The Perfect Men’s Jewellery

When we think about jewellery and diamonds and gold, we always start imagining jewellery designs for women. It’s like jewellery has become a synonym for women’s beauty. But, we forget that men have equal rights to look ravishing with gold and diamond jewellery. In fact, there was a time when men wore as much jewellery as women did, but slowly and gradually things changed, and men shifted to wearing only subtle required amount of jewellery. But today, again men are becoming fashionable and have started wearing all kinds of jewellery like earrings, chains, bracelets, rings, and pendants. It’s just that the designs are different. Women want delicate intricate pieces, while men want more sturdy and manly designs.

However, it is still difficult to choose the right jewellery for men. And, the jewellery that you choose for your man must speak about his charm and style quotient. This means there is enough struggling on your part to find the right piece of jewellery for your man. But, to make it easy for you, we have put together certain guidelines to help you choose the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore for him.

Who is the man?

Who is your man? Is it your father, your husband, your brother, or a friend? Along with this, is he a teen or a professional corporate? All of this plays a significant role in helping you decide on your jewellery. If you are buying something for an elderly or for a corporate professional, you may need classic designs like a single studded diamond ring, or a pair of white gold cufflinks. But, if you are buying something for a teen or for your husband, you could opt for trendier designs.


What is the occasion?

The occasion you are buying for is the next important element. Special occasions come with special designs. There are many stores who come up with special Rakshabandhan jewellery, Diwali jewellery, anniversary options, wedding options, and more. If your store has such special collections, make sure to check from those first. There are also other office-wear collections that feature office-appropriate designs. So, you could choose from these if you are choosing for a corporate.


Gold, diamond, or gemstone?

What does your man like – gold, diamond, or colour? Take into account his choice and shop for jewellery falling into the category. Generally, men’s jewellery is available in white or yellow gold. There is very less options in diamonds or coloured gemstones. Yellow gold is an eternal classic, while white gold is more contemporary. If your man like gemstones and diamonds, you can have your design specially customized for him at a relevant customized diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, one like Aura Jewels.


What motifs would your man like?

Is there a particular motif your man likes? It could be his initial, it could be his favourite superhero’s initial, or it could be a special religious motif like Om, Trishul, Ganesha, etc. It could just be anything. Think about what would delight him and try to include the motif into his design.

With the above mentioned simple tips, it will now definitely be easier for you to shop and choose the best jewellery piece for your man! So, all the best, and Happy Shopping!