Gold Or Platinum – Which Jewellery Should You Choose?


Gold Or Platinum – Which Jewellery Should You Choose?

When we speak about precious metals in the aspects of jewellery making, there are two names that come to our mind – gold and platinum. While gold is more popularly seen, platinum is seen rarely because of its expensive price.

Types of gold

Speaking of gold, the metal is not only a yellow material, but in fact, it is available as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. The most common yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold and a little copper or zinc. Similarly, white gold is a mixture of gold with white metals like nickel, palladium, platinum, or manganese. Also, rose gold is made with a combination of gold, copper, and silver.

Gold or platinum?

Now, coming to the question – gold or platinum, when we speak about appearance, white gold matches the appearance of platinum. So, in this blog, we will speak about whether you should choose white gold or platinum for your jewellery. Platinum is a very expensive metal that has a very high market value, the reason being its infrequency within the earth’s layer, making the metal hard to get. Another reason for the high price is because platinum is used in manufacturing industries. On the other hand, white gold is a popular alternative to platinum because it has a quite lesser value than platinum. This is because white gold is not pure gold; it is a mixture of gold and other metals that make it an alloy; thus reducing its price significantly! However, during a business related downturn, platinum can reduce its price below gold, which has a fixed market value and is rarely seen to change prices in large alterations. But similarly, during periods of maintained economic growth, platinum prices can also double that of gold. So, you need to keep both these aspects in mind, before making your decision.

Expensive platinum

Platinum has been used for centuries, where earlier it was declared only fit for the king. However, with time, more and more respectable families and the rich men have embraced this metal and adorned their body with it. But, not everyone can afford it, which is why they choose white gold as an alternative, which appears similar to platinum, but is relatively much cheaper. Now, if you say that because white gold is cheaper than platinum, it isn’t that valuable, you are wrong. Platinum definitely commands a higher price within the jewellery sector, but this does not mean that white gold is not prestigious. White gold is a form of gold, and wearing it will definitely bring to you a status. The only difference here is that white gold is not yet as popular as platinum.

However, if you are looking for a platinum jewellery piece, but are unable to afford the same, you can always opt for a platinum-like metal (white gold) that looks just the same, but is only cheaper. And, worry not, your high level of prestige in the society will still be maintained! One of the most popular jewellery pieces where white gold is used is in engagement rings. Blend white gold with quality diamonds, and have the best jewellery piece designed at Aura Jewels, the most preferred customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore.