Gold Jewellery Care – Where You Are Making Mistakes


Gold Jewellery Care – Where You Are Making Mistakes

Whenever we buy jewellery, we are so excited. We choose the most pleasing design, and have our most favourite coloured gemstones set in, too eager to get our jewellery pieces in hand at the earliest. Gold has in fact been one of the most popular metals that people have been investing in since ancient times. The lusture and shone that the metal brings with it is uncomparable! And, if kept well, gold can last a lifetime, which you can even pass on to the next generation in your family! But, are you keeping your precious gold jewellery well? You may say that you always clean your gold jewellery properly every time after you remove them, before storing them away in their own respective boxes. But, is that enough? Maybe you aren’t after all taking the right steps to care for your jewellery. You are probably making one or more mistakes while caring for your jewellery, which is why your gold will lose its shine and value before time. So, while we have earlier written about how to take care of your gold jewellery, today, in this blog, we will let you know all that you aren’t supposed to do while handling your gold jewellery.

You should never use non-reputed cleaner

Cleaning your gold jewellery once every year is recommended, whether you have worn your jewellery within the year or not. If you have worn your jewellery, you definitely need to clean it up to bring off all the dirt that may have accumulated. And, even if not, you can always remove your jewellery from their cases, and clean them up once a year to maintain the shine. But, while you do so, always remember to use a professional gold cleaner. Using non-reputed cleaner can lead to rips-offs and fraudulence.

You should never use incorrect cleaning methods

The safest bet is to take your gold jewellery to a professional store once a year to have them cleaned. However, if you want to save on the costs involved, or simply wish to do it on your own, you need to ensure that you are doing it the right way. Gold jewellery cleaning does not involve simply rubbing the jewellery pieces with a clean cloth and a cleaner. You need to use a very soft cloth or baby brush with soft bristles, dampened in mild soap water to remove all the dirt and grime. Never immerse your gold jewellery in water, especially if you have stones set in, unless you want them to get loose and fall off, or cause any kind of rusting or discolouration. Also, avoid using ammonia or toothpaste to clean your gold.

You should never store all your gold jewellery together

Generally, what believe and what they do is that they put all their gold jewellery together in a single big box, thinking that all gold is gold, and will do no harm to each other. But, this is not the right practice. Putting all of the gold jewellery can have them rub against one another, causing abrasion. Also, your delicate ornaments can get entangled, causing small clasps or tiny stones to fall off when you try to undo the tangles. It is thus always better to clasp all your necklaces and bracelets before you store them away; and best is to put them in different boxes, or place each jewellery piece into individual cloth bags before storing them in one big box.

Never wear your jewellery before getting completely dressed

One very common mistake that we all do is get dressed in our clothes, put on our makeup, do the hair, and put on our jewellery. Then, only while we are just ready to leave the house, we put on our perfumes and hair sprays. This is absolutely wrong! Any kind of sprays can affect the gold jewellery you wear. tiny droplets of perfumes or chemicals when sprinkled on gold jewellery can have them to tarnish sooner. So, always remember to put on your gold jewellery last, when you are completely done with all the makeup, hair sprays, gels, creams, and perfume.

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