The Fish-Eye Effect In A Diamond – What Is It?


The Fish-Eye Effect In A Diamond – What Is It?

The cut of a diamond depicts a lot about its shine and brilliance. How the diamond will shine, and what effects will be created within them is decided by its cut. Everyone wants a perfectly cut diamond that shines bright and stands out against their skin or garments to bring attention. But, a poorly cut diamond will exhibit a fish-eye effect, which means that instead of a fiery sparkle, you’ll see a diamond having a dull grey ring at the center. You may mistake this dull dullness for a grey inclusion, but this is actually no inclusion; it is actually a reflection of the girdle – the thin perimeter of the stone that divides its upper crown from the lower pavilion, which is seen inside the flat surface on the top of the diamond.

Can the fish-eye effect be altered?

The fish-eye effect is seen most commonly in round shaped diamonds. But, depending upon the angles of the cut, even fancy shapes that have not been cut optimally can suffer from the effect. It is seen more prominently in diamonds that have a large flat surface at the top, a shallow pavilion, or a thick and unpolished girdle. A diamond having all these three elements in combination will have a clear fish eye, which means it’ll be a diamond that won’t be preferred to be used by anyone in the jewellery industry. But, this isn’t 100% true. Although, it won’t be a diamond that can be chosen to be used by all, but these diamonds, when tilted a few degrees, can have the grey spots disappear. So, those who know how to use the diamond just right in the design can make the most of it. One can purchase the diamond at a much lower cost because of the grey inclusions, but make it look highly valuable when used in the right angle in the right design. Thus, you can also use a fish-eye effect diamond to make the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore!

How to identify a fish-eye effect?

In spite of all of that said above about the fish-eye effect of a diamond, it isn’t necessary that the fish-eye will be noted on a grading report. A grading report will definitely state the brilliance and fire of the diamond, yet there’ll be no mention of the fish-eye grey inclusion. We know it’s weird, but it’s true. Thus, even after seeing the grading report of a diamond, you can’t decide that it is absolutely perfect, without looking at it in person. So, just as much as you must ask for a grading report, you must also ask for a look at the diamond. Look at it from a variety of angles under different lighting scenarios before deciding on buying it.

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