Eternity Rings – How Much Do You Know About Them?


Eternity Rings – How Much Do You Know About Them?

Eternity rings have been in vogue since ancient times, although not as fashionable as they are now. But, whatever the metal, whatever the stones, and whatever the design they are made in, the main purpose of an eternity ring is to symbolize never-ending love. These rings generally comprise a band of precious metal, set with a continuous line of identically cut diamonds. It is a ring that is generally gifted by a husband to his wife after marriage, may it be their first anniversary, or the tenth. Whatever the reason may be to gift an eternity ring to someone you love, but have you ever wondered who started this whole thing, and why we wear it on the wedding ring finger? There could be many other questions you may want answers to, when thinking about eternity rings. So, here we are with some amazing fun facts about eternity rings!

Who began the whole concept of eternity rings?

You’ll be surprised to know that eternity rings date back to nearly 400 years to around 2000 BC, when Ancient Egyptian husbands gifted these to their wife as a token of their love. The rings back then were made of bones, metals, and beads. Another investigation states that the actual concept of the eternity ring was created in the 1960s by diamond merchant De Beers. At that time, the company had an agreement with the Soviet Union, who required the purchase of 90-95% of uncut gem diamonds produced by Russia. But then, the prevailing fashion was having a ring set with a single large diamond. However, the Soviet gems were small. Thus, to avoid stockpiling, De Beers started promoting jewellery containing a number of small diamonds, which thus gave rise to what we know as the eternity ring today.

Which ring is the eternity ring worn in?

The eternity ring is worn on the same finger as your wedding and engagement ring. This is because in early times, the Egyptians believed that a blood vessel ran from this finger directly to the heart, referred to as the “vein of love”.

Can the eternity ring be worn as an everyday jewel?

Certainly! Because of the infinite love that is depicted in the ring, and the fact that they are worn in the wedding ring finger, they can as well be worn every day, just like one would wear their wedding ring . However, an eternity ring may not be as comfortable to wear every day because of the presence of diamonds all the way round the ring. But, there is a way to solve this issue. You could have your eternity ring customized to have the stones only across the face of the ring, referred to as a half-eternity ring.

Why should you only have skilled craftsmen make this ring for you?

Eternity rings can’t be made by anyone. It requires the skill of experienced and capable craftsmen as they have quite intricate designs. These rings are usually created by teams where each person focuses on specific parts of the ring, which they specialize in, to ensure that the measurement of each diamond is perfect. After all, unlike other basic rings, eternity rings cannot be resized. This is because there is no bare metal to add to or remove from the ring, with the ring being covered completely by diamonds. (Note: An alternate half-eternity ring may be possible to be resized.)

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