Different Setting Guide


Different Setting Guide

Gold and diamonds are a girl’s best friends when it comes to adding beauty to their elegance. Make them happy by gifting them the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore, and see their faces light up with joy; may it be your mother, wife, fiancée, sister, daughter, friend, or anyone else. While diamond and gold is the best combination one can wear, there are a variety of settings that can make the combination look even better. Every setting has a different appearance to give to the ring or pendant you wish to wear.

Prong Setting

The most classic setting is the prong that holds the diamond tightly in place, it features a single diamond held in place with four prongs, which is seen in single stone rings and engagement rings. This style of setting minimizes the amount of metal used, thus allowing more light to pass through the diamond, and make it shine.


Channel Setting

As the name itself suggests, this type of setting involves a channel of stones set together in a band. This is the most preferred setting used to create bands for wedding and anniversaries, where stones are set next to one another, with no separations. The stones are secured between vertical metal walls to create a channel, after which the outermost ridge of the metal used is worked over the edges of the diamonds so that the girdle is protected, and a smooth appearance is created.


Bar Setting

This type of setting is very similar to the channel setting, with the only difference lying in the separation between the diamonds. While channel setting has no separation between two stones, bar setting has an individual separation for each diamond. You can say that it is a contemporary version of the more classic channel setting. This is the most preferred setting used in diamond necklaces and bracelets.


Bezel Setting

In this type of setting, a single diamond is embraced by a rim of metal that holds it together by the girdle to secure it in place. The bezels here can be created in any shape that you desire – straight edges, scalloped edges, or any other. This kind of setting makes the stone look larger, which is why it is preferred in engagement rings and everyday wear rings.


Cluster Setting

This setting comprises of a large center stone surrounded by smaller stones. This showcases a larger diamond, and is perfect for rings, earrings, and pendants.


Gypsy Setting

Gypsy setting is where the band is one continuous dome shaped piece with a diamond inserted in the middle. With no prongs and no boundaries, it provides a completely clean and smooth look. This kind of setting is seen mostly in men’s rings.


Illusion Setting

This setting is used to create the illusion of the diamond being bigger. This could include smaller stones, generally princess cuts, set next to each other. It could also include a prong setting with a ring of metal surrounding the girdle of the diamond that is often bright cut. Whatever the design, the main purpose is to make the diamond look bigger, which requires skill and intricacy to create the perfect piece.


Pave Setting

This setting has tiny beads or tiny diamonds being used along with diamonds, which creates a feeling of the jewellery piece being encrusted with stones.

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