Diamonds – What Brings The Colour?


Diamonds – What Brings The Colour?

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend. But, it isn’t limited to girls alone today. Men are equally drooling over the sparkling stone now, and are getting big coloured diamonds studded into their rings and other best diamond jewellery in Bangalore. While diamonds are always picturized as colourless, there are many colourful diamonds available too. Although, coloured diamonds are rarer and costlier than the most popularly available colourless diamonds. Let us take a look at some of the other shades of diamond today.



Red diamonds are formed with a rare deformation in the structure of the diamond at the atomic level, which causes light to bend. Red is a symbol of love, passion, and desire. While there is abundant love everywhere, there is a scarcity of this diamond in the world. It is believed that there are only 20-30 red diamonds across the globe! The most famous red diamond is the largest and is known as “Moussaieff” which weighs 5.11 carats.



Green coloured diamonds are formed due to the presence of radioactive elements like Thorium or Uranium, which affect the diamond at the electron level. One of the most famous green diamonds is the “Aurora Green Diamond” which weighs 5.03 carats and has VS2 clarity. In May 2016, this diamond became the largest vivid green diamond to be sold at an auction. The diamond was sold to a Chinese jewellery company Chow Tai Fook at a price of $16.8 million!



Pink is pretty, and so are pink diamonds. These diamonds owe their colour to immense pressure and seismic shock. They were first discovered in the Kollur mines in India. One of the earliest known pink diamonds was the Daria-i-noor, which was a 400 carat rough diamond, from which the Noor-ul-ain was cut.



Blue diamonds are formed due to the presence of Boron. These are the rarest diamonds, which are as rare as 0.02% of mined diamonds. And, as rare as they are, they are also the most valuable. This is because they are naturally occurring diamonds, and are not treated like other diamonds. One of the most famous blue diamonds is the “Hope Diamond” that was mined at Kollur mines in India.



The orange colour is caused with the presence of Nitrogen in the diamond. The one orange diamond that smashed all the records of 6 carat orange diamonds is The Orange, which is a 14.82 carat fancy vivid diamond with VS1 clarity. In the general composition of orange diamonds, Nitrogen is generally seen in the form of isolated atoms. But, in The Orange, the nitrogen atoms are clustered in one single spot.



Black diamonds? Ever heard of it? Just as much as white diamonds bring a feeling of luxury and peace, black diamonds bring a feeling of lavishness and pride. Black diamonds are formed when graphite inclusions and random clustering are present throughout the diamond. The most famous black diamond is the “Black Orlov” which is a 67.50 carat diamond set in a brooch surrounded by 108 colourless diamonds in a halo setting. However, the largest black diamond is the “Spirit of de Grisogono” which weighs 312.24 carats!

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