Diamond Invisible Setting – The Pros & Cons


Diamond Invisible Setting – The Pros & Cons

Diamond invisible setting, as the name itself says, is the setting of a diamond in a piece of jewellery, where there are no signs of metal holding it in place. So then, what is it that holds the diamond into the design? Let’s find out.

Developed in France, more than 200 years ago, the invisible setting is one of the most popular settings seen in rings. The visual impact of this type of setting, where there is only a surface of diamonds, with no metal visible between the edges of the stones, is highly significant. But then, this is just not it. There are a lot many more advantages, other than the visual appeal, that makes an invisible setting a great choice.

What is invisible setting?

Before getting into the benefits of an invisible setting, let us first understand what it actually is. The invisible setting is where no prongs or bezels are seen, but instead the stones are held in place by a hidden structure from below, gripping each diamond on a small grove cut into their base. This type of setting if often used with square, princess, emerald, and baguette cuts; but cannot be used for round cut stones.

Advantages of invisible setting

  • With an invisible setting, the stones held in place look larger. That’s because the structure that holds the stones, is hidden below the surface, showing the entire face of the stones; unlike other settings which cover up portions of the stone’s surface in order to hold it firmly in place.
  • When multiple small stones are used together, set close together along the same plane, the invisible setting creates an uninterrupted effect for the diamonds, helping them to blend into one large shining surface.
  • Because there are no metal holdings, the plain surface of the stone makes it easy to clean without any dirt stuck into the corners or borders. All you need is some soapy water and soft cloth to clean and shine the diamonds bright.

However, an invisible setting is quite difficult to make, thus requiring the jeweller to spend more time preparing the stones and set them into the underlying structure. It requires the stone to be prepared with precision, care, and complete concentration. Moreover, if experts don’t work on this job, it is possible that the stones could get loose over time and fall out. This is why you need to ensure the best structure and fitting by getting in touch with professionals. Also, you need to have it checked and maintained from time to time to ensure that the fitting is still strong. And, this is why invisible setting jewellery pieces are more valuable, unique, and pricey. But, as much as the jewellery piece is pricey, it is valuable and special too.

Confused whether you should choose an invisible setting or not? Well, you could always consult an expert to discuss all the different settings available, and your requirements, to determine the most suiting setting for you. Aura Jewels is one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore you can consult to clear out your confusion, and also have the best kind of jewellery created especially for you.