Diamond Grading – The Future


Diamond Grading – The Future

Things have changed over the years, and what we see today, will also change with time, and when in future, we’ll look back, we’ll see so much having changed even from what we see and experience today. There was a time when we had to plan thing so much in advance, when spontaneous decisions weren’t possible. But today, with so many advanced technological revolutions, spontaneous decisions can be made and fulfilled too. Now, you’ll ask what all of this has to do with a diamond grading.

Well, over the past three decades, technology has also dramatically changed diamond manufacturing from every perspective, like time, yield, and value. But, diamond grading hasn’t seen a lot of change in the same period. Diamond grading today is yet performed manually by shipping it to a grading lab, and waiting for a week or two to get the results. Such manual procedures may result in human error, which doesn’t make the grading process consistent. Moreover, the grading report doesn’t provide a complete comprehensive solution for the need it is supposed to meet.

But, with the technologies in line, the diamond grading procedure is also set to experience a transformation. The ongoing developments in grading technology open a completely new world of possibilities by removing human error and making the grading consistent and accurate. There are two main changes that technology is now enabling, which are sure to revolutionize diamond grading in significant ways.

Enabling instantaneous grading

Grading the diamond in-house, without having it to be shipped to the lab, is soon to be possible, which will help save time and money, without compromising on the quality or integrity of the grading process. Instead, doing so will actually improve the quality and consistency. Doing so will capture the required information for grading, upload the data to a secured cloud, and then automatically process and grade the diamonds, with no human errors.

Matching diamonds to the right buyers

Diamond grading technology is also advancing to a stage where it will be able to sort goods into additional categories other than the basic colour, carat, cut, clarity, inclusions, fluorescence, colour tinge, and more. This will enable much more effective trade between the buyers and sellers, thus reducing the rejection of products that meet the initial 4C’s criteria, and creating better matches in terms of the goods supplied.

In this way, the diamond grading paradigm is changing, and what we expect from diamond grading is being redefined. However, what will be, will be. But, today, if you are looking for the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore, how would you know which diamond is genuine? The easiest way is to come to Aura Jewels. Here, you will be given only the best and most genuine diamonds, which you can have inserted into your customized jewellery. And, even if you plan on buying off-the-shelf diamond jewellery, you can rest assured that you are only getting the best GIA certified diamonds. You wouldn’t even need to ask for a grading report.