Diamond Colour – The Perfect Guide


Diamond Colour – The Perfect Guide

Do you know that diamonds are not only those colourless stones that you see in those advertisements showcasing brilliantly dazzling diamond pendants, diamond rings, and diamond sets? In fact, they are available in a large variety of colours too! As a matter of fact, it is the colour of a diamond that impacts the value of the stone. This blog will let you know all about a diamond’s colour value, and how you can buy the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore.

What is diamond colour?

What-is-diamond-colourWhen a diamond is clear and has no colour, it means that it is structurally perfect and chemically pure. Such perfect colourless diamonds are made up of 100% pure carbon that contains no impurities at all, which is why such perfect diamonds are very rare. Even the “pure” diamonds that we see today have a certain degree of colour impurity in them. It is the presence of such impurities and the structural flaws in the crystal lattice that impacts the diamond’s colour. Depending upon the intensity and hue of the diamond’s coloue, the stone’s value can increase or decrease significantly. While pure colourless diamonds are the most valuable, yellow tinted diamonds are less valuable. But, intense blue and pink coloured diamonds are highly valuable. However, these colour distinctions are very subtle and may not be noticed by a layman. But, these distinctions make a huge difference to the price and quality of the diamond.

Diamond colour and value

diamond-color-and-valheWhen light hits a diamond’s surface, some of the rays get scattered into a rainbow of colours, which then reflect off the stone’s interior facets, and bounce back to the eyes as flashes of colours, which is known as the “fire” of a diamond. Colourless diamonds have increased ability to reflect light, meaning its value also increases significantly.

Diamond colour grades

color-and-gradesEvery diamond colour is valued and graded differently. Colour grading of diamonds refers to the lack of colours – lesser the colour, higher the grade. The colour grade is measured on a scale ranging from D to Z.

  • D-F (Colourless diamonds) – D is the highest colour grade, where the stones are colourless and icy white. E and F come below it, with diamonds having very slight traces of colour in them that cannot be detected easily.
  • G-J (Nearly colourless diamonds) – The diamonds in these categories generally appear colourless to the naked eye, but are actually not. These diamonds are often used as central stones in rings.
  • K-M (Faintly coloured diamonds) – These diamonds possess a slight yellow tint that can be easily seen. This quality makes these diamonds less expensive, and also less desirable.
  • N-R (very lightly coloured diamonds) – These diamonds possess a visible colour, with a tint of yellow or brown. They are available in a very low price range, but are yet very low in demand.
  • S-Z (Lightly coloured diamonds) – These diamonds have a very easily noticeable yellow or brown tint, making them the lowest grade diamonds that are least expensive and least desired. In fact, they are not even considered majorly for making any kind of ornaments.

Buying guide

diamond-buying-guideFrom the above, you may have well understood that diamonds belonging to the D-F group are the rarest and most expensive, but yet the best diamonds you can have. However, don’t presume that every colourless diamond exhibits brilliance. Along with the colour, it is the cut of the diamond that also plays a very important role. Thus, you need to choose both the best colour and the best cut of the diamond when you are planning on buying colour diamonds. In addition, also look for certifications when you are buying a diamond. A certification ensures that you are paying the right price for the diamond, because a certified diamond means that the diamond is tested and analyzed. You can get the best quality certified diamonds at Aura Jewels from its exquisite & enchanting diamond jewellery collection. Or, you can also have your designed customized from them, as per your choice and occasion. This is why Aura Jewels is considered as the most diverse and reliable customized diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore.