Why Is Customized Jewellery Better?


Why Is Customized Jewellery Better?

India’s connection with jewellery dates back to up to 5000 years, ever since the times of the Indus Valley Civilization! India has ever since been indulged in precious metals and stones, with diamonds being mined right within the country. Indians never leave a chance to adorn every part of their body with some type of the jewellery or another. The fascination for jewellery increases every year as we adorn ourselves with jewellery for every occasion – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, childbirth, religious rituals, and more.

With this rising emphasis on jewellery, Indians are now shifting towards a trend of buying customized jewellery. More and more people are settling for custom designs. In fact, people are even opting for having their old jewellery melted down to have pieces that can be made in a way to please them better. The last few years has seen this rise as buyers seek out individual and personalized ways to express themselves through their jewellery choices. And, looking at this trend, more and more jewelers are also turning to offer custom jewellery to keep up with the times.

Customized jewellery makes it unique and special

Customized-jewellery-makes-it-unique-and-specialWe all know how the millennials are. They always want to be unique and stand out from the rest. This is one of the main reasons that have brought such an upsurge in the trend of customized jewellery. With more and more emphasis being put on individuality, most jewellery buyers are no more satisfied with only a beautiful looking ornament. Instead, they want their jewellery pieces to cater to uniqueness and distinctiveness. And, this can only be brought about by customization.

Customized jewellery makes it worth the price

Customized-jewellery-takes-jewellery-making-a-notch-higherIndian jewellery is generally made of precious metals, and expensive diamonds and gemstones, which uses skilled and intensive labour. This makes buying jewellery a heavy investment, which thus makes sense to invest in unique personalized pieces that reflects one’s character and tastes. Understanding this psychology, jewelers have now found the right way to secure their customers’ hearts (and wallets too)!

Customized jewellery takes jewellery making a notch higher

Customized-jewellery-makes-it-worth-the-priceCustomized jewellery is not only about reflecting a buyer’s unique personality, but it is also about creating something that has never been created before. This leads to jewelers putting in more efforts to search newer fresher ideas and inspirations; taking the art of jewellery making to newer levels! And, with customization, the customers too can make their mark by helping in creating that unique and unexpected design!

Customized jewellery can be designed for every occasion

Today, jewellery is not limited to be worn only at weddings, anniversaries, and other such traditional occasions. In fact, people are wearing and noticing jewellery even in everyday places like at work. While wearing the heaviest of ornaments is yet in style for traditional events, wearing the same to work or in everyday life is impossible and impractical. But, with women going out to work or socialize every day, they definitely have to adorn their beautiful bodies with some kind of jewellery or another. And, this kind of jewellery is more noticed by other women, who look at the design to make their minds about the wearer’s taste and style. This has made customization important not only for brides who want to look strikingly different from everyone else and look no less than her best on the biggest day of her life, but also for those who want light easy-to-wear everyday pieces of jewellery that are economical, yet express the nature of the wearer.

Customized-jewellery-can-be-designed-for-every-occasionSo, whether you are a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, or a normal working woman, you can choose to have your jewellery customized to connect to your personal sense of self. Just walk into Aura Jewels, the most renowned customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, to have the most unique and finest quality jewellery pieces by designers and craftsmen who are skilled and experienced in their jobs. Just let them know your occasion and outfit/dressing style, and you will have the perfectly matched jewellery piece!