Creating A Stunning Engagement Ring With Brilliant Diamonds And Dazzling Gemstones


Creating A Stunning Engagement Ring With Brilliant Diamonds And Dazzling Gemstones

Diamonds have been one of the most popular stones used in engagement rings. It could because diamonds are forever; it could be because diamonds are a girl’s best friend; it could be for any other reason. Diamonds have spelled class, elegance, and sophistication; and a perfect way to communicate your love. So, when it is an engagement ring you are looking to design, you can’t go wrong with a diamond one, for sure. But, you can make your engagement ring even more glamorous by combining a gemstone or two with your diamond. Pairing diamonds that are magnificent on their own, with other dazzling gemstones, can definitely perk up the appearance of your engagement ring. But, which gemstone will you choose?

The gemstone you wish to use could be your birthstone; could be one that holds a special value in your heart; could be a colour you admire; or could just be something that seems visually appealing to your eyes. But, out of the multitude of options available for you to choose from, how would you know which gemstone you should pick? To make it easier for you, we have come up with a list of gemstones that look really classy when paired with a diamond.


One of the most royal gemstones, the Sapphire, has been around for a long time among royals like Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, Elizabeth Hurley, and Penelope Cruz. This September birthstone certainly adds fire to any design it is used in. Sapphires are generally blue, but also available are black sapphire, yellow sapphires, and white sapphires; so you can choose any colour you like from the group.


Another classy gemstone is the Emerald, with its green colour bringing warmth and glow. It is a luxurious gemstone that adds life to a magnificent diamond ring, making it classy and timeless. Admired by Cleopatra in ancient Egypt to the Duchess of Cambridge in modern Britain, it is even today a gemstone loved by the royals.


Amethyst, with its unique violet hue, is the birthstone for those born in February. Both amethyst and diamond complement each other’s sparkle, thus making an engagement ring more glorious. You could choose to have a bigger diamond in the center, lined with tiny amethyst stones; or a big amethyst in the center, rounded by smaller diamonds – any way the design will work wonders.


When we speak of royal gemstone, how can we leave ruby behind!? Rubies are one of the most traditional gemstones paired with diamonds in jewellery making. They bring both life and warmth to any piece of jewellery they are used in. Moreover, red being the colour of live, it is just perfect for an engagement ring!

These are only a few most popular and proven gemstones that can be perfectly combined with diamonds. You can choose from any of these, or even other gemstones, depending upon your preference. There are so many other gemstones you can consider for your engagement ring, such as topaz, cubic zirconia, tanzanite, and moissanite. Whatever your choice, you can communicate your desire and requirements to the talented designers at Aura Jewels, and have the perfect engagement ring designed from scratch, working with the skilled craftsmen working here at one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore.