Which Colour Diamond Should I Buy?


Which Colour Diamond Should I Buy?

“Colour, colour, which colour?”

Do these words ring a bell? If you are an after-80s child, you will definitely know that this is the game we all have played during childhood. So, you see how we all are attracted towards colours right from the beginning of our understanding? And now that we are grownups, we find the same thing in everything that we buy – clothes, shoes, jewellery. Jewellery! Speaking of jewellery, what do we do when we want to add a dash of colour to our otherwise plain silver or gold jewellery? It’s easy! Stud it with colourful gemstones. But, the most exclusive gemstone of all is the diamond. Now, you would say you can’t relate a diamond to a colour. Why not!? If you don’t know yet, let us tell you that diamonds do come in colours!

While plain diamonds are the most common and form the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore, colourful diamonds do exist; and they are the most precious and rarest stones than any other gemstones. They are so rare that one coloured diamond is mined for every 10,000 colourless diamonds! So, you can imagine its value! Well, the colours that these diamonds come in range in shades of red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. These diamonds are categorized under three basic types, depending upon how they are coloured.

Types of coloured diamonds

Type-I diamonds – These diamonds are made of carbon, when a foreign element gets trapped in the pressurized carbon. For example, when nitrogen is trapped with the carbon, it can give the diamond a yellow, orange, or pink shade. Type-I diamonds form 98% of coloured diamonds, making them the most common.

Types-of-coloured-diamondsType-II diamonds – These form only 2% of the coloured diamonds found, and are completely free of nitrogen. These diamonds are formed when pressure is applied on carbon, bringing the shades of pink, brown and blue.

Type-III diamonds – These diamonds are formed as a result of exposure to radiation, bringing them the shades of green.

Shades of coloured diamonds

You would be amazed to know that combining all the shades of coloured diamonds, there are an approximate number of 200-300 shades available! These include shades of 12 base colours, 9 intense colours, and a list of other secondary colours.

Shades-of-coloured-diamondsBase colours – These include red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, pink, violet, and grey.

Intense colours – These include fancy vivid, fancy intense, fancy deep, fancy dark, fancy, fancy light, light, very light, and faint.

Secondary colours – These include orange-red diamonds, purple-pink diamonds, etc. – diamonds that cannot be described on the basis of a single colour.

Cut of coloured diamonds

Cut-of-coloured-diamondsColoured diamonds are generally available in fancy shapes like oval, pear-shaped, cushion, and radiant cuts. This is because it is important for the cut used to maximize the colour intensity so that the diamond looks attractive. It is the cut of coloured diamonds that increase their value, unlike colourless diamonds whose value varies as per the carat weight. So, when you are planning to purchase coloured diamonds, you need to consider things differently. However, you needn’t worry if you are planning to have your diamonds from Aura Jewels, the best jewellery shop in Bangalore, because you will be guided in the right direction by the designers here! In fact, this is the best customized diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can converse with a team of skilled designers and artisans and have the perfect jewellery piece made to suit your personality and choice!