Cleaning Gold Jewellery – At Home Or At The Store?


Cleaning Gold Jewellery – At Home Or At The Store?

With an air of festivity lingering, and Diwali round the corner, it’s the season of buying gold – gold coins, gold jewellery, gold gift items, and everything else – some that you can use, others that you can gift. This is the reason why gold jewellery shops in Bangalore and every other city across the nation are flooded with customers day and night.

However, not all of us are blessed with such grace that we can buy gold every Diwali. Some of us have to keep ourselves satisfied with the gold that we already have. Whether you have a design that you have bought just last year, or antique pieces that have been with you for years now, it is likely that your jewellery pieces have tarnished over time. If this is the case, all you need to do is have your gold cleaned and polished, and it will be shining bright as new!

If your gold has gone really dull and old, you will need to have it polished at one of the gold jewellery shops in Bangalore, but if the gold is just a little dirty, you can easily clean your gold at home itself. Here’s how.

Removing grim and dirt

Brush your gold with a soft cloth or baby brush with soft bristles, dampened with mild soap water to remove the grim and dirt sitting on top of the piece. Gently comb the intricate design areas with a brush to reach out for all the deeper spots. For gold jewellery with kundan stones embedded in it, you need to consider not damaging the gemstones. Thus, you shouldn’t every immerse such jewellery pieces into water, as the water can end up getting trapped in the setting, thus causing rust or discolouration, or having the stones to get loose and fall off after some time.

Anti-tarnishing tips

Any gold chains you have, stretch them out in an anti-tarnish tissue and roll it up and position it in your jewellery box in a flat position. This will not only prevent the chain from getting knots, but it will also minimize the occurrence of tarnish. You can do the same for your gold bangles and gold necklaces, and store them in a plastic zip bag; just making sure you remove out all the air before closing the bag. All in all, store all your gold jewellery pieces in a soft dry cloth, keeping them away from sunlight and dust.

Wearing them on the right way

When you have pearls, emeralds, rubies, corals, and other precious stones engraved into your gold jewellery, you want to take care of them as much as your gold. Not only should you take care of preserving your gold very carefully, but you must also take care of how to wear them. Instead of wearing your gold and precious stone jewellery beforehand, and then put on all the makeup, perfume, and hair spray, just do the opposite. Get completely ready first, and then put on your jewellery as the last step before going out. Spraying perfumes or hairsprays on your jewellery will only reduce the life of your gold and precious stones, as these chemicals are all generally alcohol based, which can eat away the shine and substance of your jewellery.

Do you need to have your gold jewellery cleaned at a store?

Coming to the main point of this article – Do you need to have your gold jewellery cleaned at a store, or can you do so at home itself? While we have already told you how you can take care of your gold on your own, here are some reasons and times when you will need a store to help you.

For everyday gold jewellery like stud earrings, thin chains, rings, and bangles, they need to be serviced once every year at a jeweller’s store for an elaborate cleaning process. While you can clean your gold at home by following the above processes, having your jewellery serviced at a store can have it inspected for any loose ends, open links, cuts, and rough ends. On the other hand, for heavier gold jewellery pieces that are worn only on special occasions, servicing is required maybe once in every two to three years. These are heavier pieces with intricate designs and stones embedded. Servicing these jewellery pieces once every 2 to 3 years is enough, to eliminate dust deposits and bring back the shine.

So, if you are blessed enough to buy a new set of gold jewellery this Diwali, do so from Aura Jewels, one of the most admired gold jewellery shops in Bangalore. And if not, you can always bring out your old jewellery and have them polished and cleaned to be worn with pride this festival.