Choosing Everyday Jewellery – The Guide


Choosing Everyday Jewellery – The Guide

With everyday jewellery items, there are so many options out there, with trends frequently changing, making the decision making process even more difficult. We get so confused in the bundles of designs and styles available that we just don’t know what to choose. But, as the best customized jewellery shop in Rajajinagar Bangalore, we, at Aura Jewels, can help you decide on what you would want to wear in terms of everyday jewellery, and also design the same for you in your most personalized way. So, read along our guide, and figure out your choice.

What’s your style?

The first thing you need to consider is your style. Every individual has her own style, and the jewellery you choose must suit that style. The kind of clothes you wear, the kind of lifestyle you have, the kind of personality you have, all of these decide upon the kind of jewellery you should wear. For example,

  • If you are sentimental, having attached your emotions to that one special piece of jewellery you wear at present, it can become difficult for you to take it off, and swap it with something else. This is when you need to look for other jewellery pieces that can go well along with that one special piece of yours. Choose the metal that matches with your special piece. It would generally be yellow gold, rose gold, or silver.
  • On the contrary to the above, if you are one who dresses up every day, looking different with every different outfit, and whose everyday outfit is something that is less casual, and more “dressy”, you can think of diamonds and pearls. Diamonds and pearls look great with dressy clothes and pep up the look. These are generally for those upper class ladies who go socializing every day. You could opt for a string-of-pearls necklace, or a diamond channel setting bracelet.
  • If cute is what describes you. If you are the girl-next-door who loves adorning more of shorts, skirts, and summer dresses, you can choose adorably chic pendants and earrings in heart shapes or monograms, to make you look well-groomed.

Be comfortable

Obviously, every individual is comfortable in her own style. So, we won’t comment on the comfort zone you must be in while wearing your style. But, as jewellery specialists, we would want to bring to your attention that everyday wear jewellery is something that you will have on probably both day and night. Well, you may get it off at night, but then you will have it on for the entire day; and that is a long period. So, you want to make sure that your jewellery is also as comfortable as your dressing. Avoid heavy metals and designs, quit the sharp edges, and don’t go in for something too flashy or distracting. Also, remember to choose a design that doesn’t hinder with your everyday chores, may it be at work or at home.

Stay within your budget

Everyone has their own budget; and it is only wise to stick to it. So, set up a budget aside for your everyday jewellery. A high budget can call for pure gold or diamonds, but a smaller budget can only afford sterling silver jewellery or gold plated pieces. So, work over it and know what you should buy. A smart decision is to opt for cheaper alternatives and build your jewellery box over time with newer designs to add on to your collection.

There! So now you should have your mind clear about what you want to buy when you walk into a customized jewellery shop in Rajajinagar Bangalore.

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