Celebrate Your 2019 Festivals With Some Silver!


Celebrate Your 2019 Festivals With Some Silver!

Come August, and we all jump into the mood for a line of festivities. Beginning with the most pious Shravan Maas, followed by a line of festivals like Janmashthami, Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Karwachauth, and finally ending with Diwali, the entire second half of the year is filled with festivals, which help us spread happiness and joy all around. While all of these occasions call for lots of fun and merriment, we shouldn’t forget that each one of them actually begins with a religious element and reason.

As Indians, no matter how modern we become, we still have our cultures instilled deep within our hearts. Thus, we begin every such pious day with a religious ceremony or a thanking gesture to God. And, there shouldn’t be a better way to make your prayers even more valuable by adding a touch of purity to it. How? By adding some silver! Silver is considered as one of the favourite metals of the Hindu religion. Whether it is silver Puja items used for worships, or silverware to be gifted on such merry occasions, silver has its own symbolism and standards.

Worshipping the Lord with silver Puja items

Worshipping-the-Lord-with-silver-Puja-itemsNo Hindu worship is complete without Puja items; and one of the most important constituent is the Puja thaali. Whether you want to worship Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi Maa, Durga Maa, or Ambe Maa, you can’t do so without a Puja thaali. Also, when you want to complete your Karwachauth and Rakshabandhan rituals for your husband and brothers respectively, you can’t do so without beginning with a Puja thaali in hand! You clearly know the importance of such a Thaali; and how better can it be if you blend this important element with a touch of purity? What we mean to say is why not purchase a silver thaali for all such occasions? Make every occasion even more auspicious and pure! In fact, you could opt for buying a complete set of silver articles in Bangalore like Puja thaali, kalash, bell, diyas, and a lot more.

Gifting your loved ones some silver

Gifting-your-loved-ones-some-silverOccasions like Raskhabandhan, Bhai Dooj, Karwachauth, and Diwali call for exchanging gifts with your loved ones. While one occasion calls for a brother gifting to a sister, the other calls for a husband gifting to his wife. Both these relationships are significantly important, and hold a great worth in the hearts of every man and woman. Both the bonds are unmatched, and can only be understood by those who hold them. Every brother would want to gift his sister; and every husband would want to gift his wife the most valuable gift. While there are tons of things you could gift your lovable girls, nothing can be as simple, affectionate, pure, and auspicious like silver. Whether it is silver articles in Bangalore, or silver jewellery, or silverware, you can choose from a whole wide range available at Aura Jewels. Every silver item here is crafted with perfection and passion combined together, to bring some of the most unique designs to the limelight. Make a choice, and this year, gift your near and dear ones with a gift they would cherish a lifetime!