Care For Jewellery

Care For Jewellery

What Should You Do To Care For Your Jewellery?

  • Handle your jewellery with utmost care as these are delicate
  • Please keep your studded jewellery away from hot conditions especially products with soft stones.
  • After every use keep your jewellery in a soft cloth or Jewel Box. Store all your jewellery separately.
  • Check your studded jewellery for the stone securing once a year.
  • Check for diamond looseness before wear. If you are not sure if a gemstone is loose, please bring your jewellery to us we will inspect it for you.
  • Do not rub or hit on a hard surface.
  • Don’t expose your jewellery to hot areas. Avoid extreme temperatures.
  • Do not Spray Scent or Body Spray over your jewellery.
  • Do not keep all your jewellery together.
  • Do not use hot or boiled water to clean your jewellery.
  • Do not use water and soap for cleaning Amber, coral, emerald, jade, kunzite, opal, pearl or turquoise etc.
  • After every use keep your Jewellery in a clean soft cloth or clean Jewel Box.
  • Store all your studded Jewellery separately from Plain Jewellery.
  • During travel please carry your jewellery in a well packed condition using a Jewel Box or a suitable packing item.
  • Any Jewellery product is prone for dirt very soon or may be dirtied due to sweat, finger prints, bathing or washing.
  • You can clean your Jewellery by immersing the same in a warm ( 30-40’C ) mild detergent solution and gently apply very soft brush to clean the dirt.
  • After cleaning, please place it on a very soft cloth and gently dry the Jewellery product.

Caring For Your Diamond

Diamonds are remarkably durable, resist scratching (except by other diamonds) and maintain their brilliance over time. But diamonds aren’t indestructible. They can be chipped by a sharp blow, become loose or lost in a weakened setting, or be damaged by contact with other diamonds. Wear diamond jewelry with care. Store it in padded boxes or soft bags separate from other jewelry. Clean your jewelry by wiping it with a lint-free cloth or with warm water, mild soap and a soft toothbrush, or by dipping it briefly in a commercial cleaning solution. Have your diamond jewelry periodically cleaned and its setting examined by a professional jeweler to maintain its beauty and integrity over time.

Care for Jewellery"