How Can Silver Bring You The Best Value?

How Can Silver Bring You The Best Value

How Can Silver Bring You The Best Value?

Silver is one of the most precious metals after gold. In fact, where gold is known as the king of metals, silver is known as the queen! Also, silver is referred to as the poor man’s gold. Thus, those who cannot invest much of their money in gold, look to invest in silver articles in Bangalore, which also brings a great return on investment.

Qualities of silver

Silver is admired for its amazing shine, brightness, ductility, and malleability – the shine and brightness making it one of the most choicest metals for buyers; and the ductility and malleability making it preferred by jewellery and silverware manufacturers, as it becomes very easy to work with this metal. Silver has also been used as a currency more than 4000 years ago, when silver bars were used as trade. In fact, silver was the first coin to achieve international standard status in the Mediterranean trade. Thus, silver has been one of the most important metals since historical times. And, it holds no less value even today.

Applications of silver

  • Other than jewellery and utensils, silver is also used to make puja items, coins, water filtration, table decors, window coatings, special mirrors, stained glass colourants, special conductors, and confectionaries.
  • The compounds of silver are used in X-ray and photographic films.
  • Dilute silver nitrate solution is used as a disinfectant and in medical instruments.
  • Silver reflects 95% of light when polished; the property that has made it useful in microscopes, telescopes, and solar cells.
  • In spite of the amazing qualities and importance of silver that are mentioned above, one drawback remains that silver, on exposure to air, starts fading out its colour and shine. It tarnishes and starts turning grayish over time. However, this does not mean that its shine is lost forever. When you get your silver jewellery and silver articles in Bangalore polished, they are back to shining as new!

How is silver used?

Silver is found in the earth’s crust in pure form, as well as in the form of alloy with gold, and in minerals like argentite and chlorargyrite. It can also be found in metals like copper, lead, zinc, and gold, when they are refined. But, pure silver is very soft and cannot be used directly to make jewellery, utensils, and other such hard products that require to be given a particular shape. This is why silver is mixed with another metal to bring to it the required hardness. The most basic kind of silver combination is that of 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% copper. This combination is more popularly known as sterling silver, which is a standard that is used in making silver jewellery, utensils, and other articles.

Where to get your silver jewellery and articles from?

You can always have the best silver jewellery and silver articles in Bangalore made from Aura Jewels, where you can be sure that only the most genuine sterling silver is being used for your products. These products, when sold, will bring you a handsome amount of money when you want instant cash in exchange. Many people hence typically invest in silver items so that they make a good investment that can help them in times of financial difficulties. And, you can do that too!