Buying The Perfect Traditional Indian Bangles

Buying The Perfect Traditional Indian Bangles

Buying The Perfect Traditional Indian Bangles

Gold bangles studded with kundan stones and meenakari are one of the most traditional pieces of Indian jewellery. Bangles have been worn by girls and women alike since ages, when there were so many contexts associated with these tinkling pieces. It was then believed that the clanging sound of bangles keeps negative spirits at bay. But today, this has been proven to be a myth. The reason why girls were made to wear bangles was to bring more attentiveness with the sound, and hence keep them more active. There are many other perspectives associated with bangles in relation to married women and pregnant women. Whatever the reason, wearing bangles is a part of looking complete today. With no scientific reason behind wearing bangles being believed today, women now wear bangles only to complete their festive and ethnic look. So, when you are looking to buy those perfect pairs of bangles for your beautiful wrists, make sure you do a style check, an occasion check, and a workmanship check before bringing those bangles home.

What’s your style?

When you want to buy bangles, you want to make sure they are stylish, classy, and trending. However, also ascertain that the bangles you choose match your personality. Don’t go with the thoroughly traditional kundan work and heavy weight bangles if you are one who dons a modern look. If you are a minimalistic, you can go for simple plain gold bangles or a delicate meenakari floral design. And, if you are a crazy fashion fan, you can go for fancier designs like Polki set in gold, in fresh new designs possessing low brilliance, but ethical roots.

What’s the occasion?

You are definitely planning to shop for some new jewellery because there is a significant even coming up or because it is a big festival like Diwali. So, what is that particular occasion you are buying for? If it is your wedding, you are certainly going in for the heaviest bangles you can afford with kundan stones, or other red and green stones studded on them. If you are a bridesmaid, or if it is a best friend’s wedding, you can opt for plain flashy gold bangles with a netted design for a traditional-cum-contemporary look. For occasions like Diwali, you can choose gold bangles studded with Navratna gems or diamonds. On the contrary, for everyday wear bangles, you can opt for bands instead, or the thinnest possible plain gold bangles, possibly studded with a thin line of tiny diamonds.

What’s your preferred design?

If you are buying plain gold bangles, there should be nothing to check for in terms of workmanship. But, if you are opting for fancy designs, you must do a workmanship check. For example, temple design is one of the most intricate styles, where religious figures are crafted by hand, requiring 10-20 days for each piece. Meenakari bangles are another popular choice which requires an eye to check for the beautiful motifs and colours. Kundan bangles will have you to check for every stone studded in the bangle.

Only after considering your style, occasion, and design preference should you start looking for a piece of jewellery. No matter how big or small, light or heavy, gold jewellery demands a good investment, and you can’t just go about buying something, which you may repent upon later. So, be very sure about what you are buying, only after considering every aspect. And, if you are unable to find a piece that suits your choice, we suggest that you walk into Aura Jewels, the most reliable customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can have just the right bangles and other jewellery pieces tailored perfectly to your requirements and preference.