Buying The Perfect Silver Necklace For Her


Buying The Perfect Silver Necklace For Her

Silver is the colour that appeals to almost every lady. It is the colour of richness, subtleness, elegance, and calm – something that fascinates all. So, if you are looking for something to gift your lady love, silver is the perfect choice. But, what could it be? A silver necklace! While other ornaments like rings and earrings are the first thing to come to mind while jewellery shopping for a lady, we almost always forget about the necklace, which is one important element that highlights both the face and the garment she is wearing, only to make her look more influencing. A sparkling silver necklace is a timeless piece of jewellery that adds a dash of elegance to any outfit – western or Indian. So, whatever kind of girl she is – desi or modern – silver will do just right.

Silver necklaces come in a wide range of options, definitely making it very difficult for you to choose the right one. But, don’t let this put you down. After all, you are buying something for your special lady, so putting in some efforts will fetch you great rewards. And, when we are here to help you with the right guidelines, there should be nothing to worry about. So, use our tips and buy the perfect silver necklace for your lady to only “Wow” her!

Go for sterling silver

Sterling silver is what is considered as genuine silver when it comes to jewellery. Although it is 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% of another metal, it is considered as pure silver in the field of jewellery. This is because 100% silver is too soft, making it impossible to work with it. This is why it becomes essential to add a little bit of other metals to make it strong and enhance its durability. So, if you are being told that it is sterling silver, consider it pure, and understand that you are making the right buy.

Choose the right design

This is the most important and challenging task. There are loads of options to choose from! First, let us speak about the chain. Silver chains are available in all sizes and thicknesses. You need to understand what kind of necklace your girl will like. Is she the short and simple kinds, or the long and fancy kinds, or maybe the short yet flashy kinds? Depending upon her personality, choose a thick or thin, long or short chain. If you want something fancier, you can opt for rope chains or box chains. Next, shop for the right pendant to add to the chain. It could be only silver, or have a coloured gemstone or diamond installed. If your girl fancies a particular colour, or has a particular birthstone, getting her that will have her jump up with joy!

Stay within your budget

This is one rational consideration when making a purchase. Make sure you have a set budget for your gift. Whether it is a few hundreds, or thousands, make sure you have a budget; and stick to it. If you have only a few hundreds set out, you could afford a cute chain and a small pendant that she could wear every day. If you have a few thousands set out, you could then opt for fancy necklaces studded with a gemstone or diamond. Whatever you choose, make sure you aren’t burning a hole in your pocket only to impress your lady love. We’re sure she will love even the smallest of gift that you present to her with all your love!

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