Buying Your Bangles Just Right!


Buying Your Bangles Just Right!

Bangles are one of the most admired assets of an Indian woman. Married Indian women are generally seen wearing one single thick bangle in each hand, or many thinner ones as a set. Also, girls who aren’t married are also fond of wearing bangles occasionally for an event or festive occasion. Some Indians believe that the clanging sound of the bangles keeps negative spirits at bay, while others believe that the sound can bring more attentiveness, thus keeping us more active. Another reason for wearing bangles is the belief that bangles worn by pregnant women indirectly strengthen the nerves of the umbilical cord, thus resulting in an easy delivery. We don’t know how many of the above beliefs are true, and how many are myths, but one thing is for sure, that wearing bangles is fun and attractive. So, whatever the reason you may have to wear bangles, we’re here to guide you to make the right bangle purchase.

Have you got your first pair of bangles yet?

You may have received your first pair of bangles when you were a tiny little baby, from your own mother, or someone very dear to the family, as a token of love or what we call as “shagun”. Or, your first pair of bangles could be from your in-laws, again as a “Shagun” before beginning the new relationship. Then, we have all our lives selecting our own choice of bangles.

So, what’s your style?

Are you the proper traditional Indian housewife, or the more frivolous and outgoing girl? Your choice of bangles highly depends upon your personality and the kind of life you live. We know that a pair of bangles is just a pair of bangles; yet, the style, the size, the value, and the design is highly defined by the above mentioned factors. Another aspect you need to consider is whether you are looking for everyday bangles, or those that you want to wear on a festive occasion. Everyday bangles are generally plain gold one with intricate designs or motifs. Festive bangles can be fancier and more elaborate.

Plain or elaborate?

So now, depending upon your personality, your lifestyle, and the occasion, decide upon the kind of bangles you want to buy. Plain gold bangles in intricate designs and motifs are lightweight and less expensive. Then, you have a lot many different elaborate styles to show off your choice by paying a little more. You can have broad Kada designs, studded with diamonds or precious gemstones. Other popular designs are Meenakari, kundan work, and Polki, each being ethnically rooted, and possessing a unique style, without being too flashy and gaudy.

The workmanship factor

If you’re looking for something even more exclusive and exceptional, you can opt for special and distinguished workmanship styles. For example, temple bangles require excellent skill to be practically hand carved in eloquent Indian temple designs, requiring 10-12 days to complete each piece, thus making it expensive and valuable. Other workmanship styles include Thewa, Bidri, and Gajra, the styles that are long forgotten, but can be revived to bring a perfect blend of traditional art and contemporary taste.

You can the amazing varieties of choices you have to select from while buying your bangles. Whether you’re choosing simple plain gold bangles, or antique and elaborate ones, you can get in touch with Aura Jewels, the most trusted customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, to have every kind of bangle designed and made just perfectly, with the team of excellent designers and skilled artisans always working as a strong team to satisfy the needs and requirements of every customer walking into the store.