Bride-To-Be? Check Out These Necklace Types!


Bride-To-Be? Check Out These Necklace Types!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life; and you want to look the best for it! While your lehenga is what will decide your overall look, the jewellery that you buy will only add to the beauty of your costume. And, if you choose the wrong piece, you are going to ruin everything. This makes jewellery shopping one of the most important chores in the hit list. It could be possible that you know not what to buy. You may be fretting to buy the right kind of jewellery for your wedding. But, worry not! We’ll help you. We have brought forward a list of the top 7 necklace styles you can choose from for your wedding. Because the necklace is what adds to the contour of your face, and highlights it, we speak about the necklace here. Once you choose the perfect necklace, you can have your earrings, rings, bangles, and anklets to match it well.

Rani Haar


One of the most magnificent pieces – the Rani Haar – as its name itself says, this is the necklace that was worn by the Indian queens in ancient times. The style has remained the same with designs becoming a little contemporary. You could choose a rani haar to wear for your wedding if you want the feel of a maharani. Choose from single to multi-stringed options, depending upon how simple or elaborate you want your look to be. Choose from diamonds, kundan, and polki studded rani haar to match with your outfit. You can also pair up your rani haar with other kinds of neckpieces to give it a stylish look, like the choker, collar, or satlada.



This is a seven layered neckpiece, generally crafted with pearls or precious gemstones. It offers an extraordinary look, which is why it is the perfect choice for those planning to wear only a single neckpiece. For an even more minimalist look, you can choose panchladas (5 layered) or teenladas (3 layered).


SatladaThis is a style that fits around the neck. It may be a simple band, or a band with gemstones, pearls, or kundan hanging down from it. The choice is yours. It will give you a modern look, whether you pair it up with a lehenga, saree, or gown. It will highlight the shape of your face as it fits so closely around the neck. You can also pair it up with other longer neckpieces for a fuller look.

Collar Necklace


These types of necklaces are similar to chokers, with the difference lying in how they fit the neck. While chokers hold tight onto the neck, collar necklaces wrap around the collarbone. This is ideal for brides who want a choker style, but can’t handle tight fitting necklaces.

Princess Necklace


This has nothing to do with the rani haar. This is an entirely different type of necklace, where it adjusts just below the collarbone, and ranges somewhere around 19 inches in length. You can choose from varieties of princess necklaces to suit your style – from simple and minimalistic to heavy and rich designs.

Bib Necklace


princessDerived from the design of a toddler’s bib, the bib necklace is big in size that covers the entire neck area. This is the perfect choice for brides who want to wear just one single heavy necklace, rather than two or three small ones.

Aadh Necklace

This is a choker style necklace with an elongated necklace design studded typically with rubies, emeralds, clear stones, and pearls. This has become one of the trending styles for the latest brides-to-be, with even celebrities seen to be wearing these necklaces while walking the ramp.

So, which of these would you like to choose for your wedding? Depending upon whether you want a traditional or contemporary, minimalist or heavy look, you can choose upon your necklace type. You may either choose from the readily available ones, or have your design specially personalized for you by walking into a reliable and reputed customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore; one like Aura Jewels, where a team of skilled and experienced designers and craftsmen are awaiting your presence!

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