Bridal Jewellery – The Trend Setters


Bridal Jewellery – The Trend Setters

Wedding Day – This is one of the most important days and the most awaited days for a girl. She not only gets to take a turn of events in her life, getting into a completely new family, with a new name and identity, but she also gets to gain all the attention from everyone involved in her life. While the event is about anxiety and nervousness about leaving one’s own comfort zone and entering a new place, it is also about the excitement about looking gorgeous from head to toe – right from the hairdo and garments to the makeup and jewellery. As jewellery manufacturers, we will let other experts speak about the trending bridal garments, hairstyles, and makeup; and what we will help you understand are the latest bridal jewellery trends.

Once you have picked out your favourite garment design, you will need jewellery to deck yourself up with from top to bottom, a collection that enhances the look of the garment only to make you look even more “Wow”! One of the most basic metals that you will want to choose for your jewellery will be gold. You may opt to choose for entirely gold jewellery, or a base of gold, studded with diamonds, pearls, or gemstones. The choice will be yours, but no bridal jewellery is complete without gold; that is for sure.

Imagine yourself decked up in all that gold that will dazzle you and make you shine just like your upcoming beautiful and completely new future! But, what kind of styles should you choose? Here is a list of the currently trending designs in bridal jewellery that can prove to be a complete guide for you to choose the perfect jewellery designs for your D-day.

Layered jewellery

The necklace has to be the most important piece of jewellery as it attracts most of the attention. Layered necklaces are in trend this year, whether traditional or contemporary. For a traditional jewellery piece, you can pick a single dramatic kundan and polka necklace with 3 to 5 layers, depending upon how big or small your neckline is. You may also opt for a variation of diamonds and pearls. Add on to the layered look by choosing layered bangles and rings.

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The contemporary add-ons

A bride is incomplete without some jhumkis, chandbalis, and maangtikkas. Once you have your necklace design chosen, up the quotient by adding on such elements. Choose for more contemporary techniques and patterns this year with experimental designs. Polka designs in smaller motifs and subtle patterns are trending now. You may keep it small yet classy.

The cocktail ring

Another important jewellery element that will be focused on, especially during those photo shoot sessions; whether it shows your individual mehendi design, or hands interlocked with your husband’s. Opt for a grand cocktail stylized ring. It could be a big gemstone or an intricate design in meenakari. You can get this majestic ring customized to flaunt your own individual style on your very own day!

When it is diamonds

When you are choosing to set in diamonds with your gold jewellery, you need the right designs. Rather than choosing for the basic round, square, and pear shapes, experiment with princess, radiant, and marquise cushion cuts. The most trending colours this year are red, green, and royal blue.

Customization is key

As we said for the cocktail ring, you can have all of your designs customized. customization is key for those brides who want a touch of innovation, and unconventional cuts. This is where you will need an expert like Aura Jewels, the most in-demand customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you can pick your designs from wherever you may wish to, and have them designed, and synchronized with the latest trending facets, to ensure a complete ‘in-sync’ look.

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